A Brief History of Valentine’s Day: A Global Celebration of Love and Affection Whether Romantic or Familial

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Julia Pecora ’25

Contributing Writer

Valentine’s Day, a holiday celebrated on February 14th, is known for being a day of love and affection. This holiday has its origins in the Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. The tradition of courtly love in the High Middle Ages, which involved grand gestures and gifts such as love letters and poetry, popularized the association of Valentine’s Day with romantic love.

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated globally, with couples expressing their love through cards, gifts, and special dates. However, the history of the holiday is not limited to just romantic love. In the late Roman Empire, the day was associated with the pagan festival Lupercalia, which celebrated fertility and the coming of spring. Lupercalia involved exchanging gifts and hitting women with goat hides to increase fertility, and it was eventually banned by the Roman Empire and replaced with the Christian holiday honoring Saint Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world and is adapted to fit the cultural and societal norms of each place. In the United States and many Western countries, the holiday is primarily associated with romantic love, while in some Asian countries, such as South Korea and Japan, it is a time to express love and affection for not only romantic partners but also for friends and family. In some Latin American countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with festivals and parades that include music, dancing, and food, emphasizing community and love for all. In Finland and Estonia, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as “Friend’s Day,” and, not surprisingly, the day consists of celebrating close friends and adorning them with appreciation.

Valentine’s Day is a significant commercial event, with the sale of flowers, chocolates, and other gifts reaching its peak in the weeks leading up to February 14th. Despite the differences in the way it is celebrated, the holiday remains an important opportunity for people to come together and show their love and appreciation for those around them.

Whether it is through gift-giving, romantic dinners, love letters, or couples activities, Valentine’s Day is a time for people to express their love and affection for those who are important in their lives. The holiday has taken on different meanings and significances in different parts of the world, showcasing the diverse ways in which people express love and affection for one another.

Valentine’s Day is not just limited to couples in love, but it is also an opportunity for people to show appreciation for their close friends and family members. Some choose to express their love through acts of kindness and generosity, such as cooking a special meal for their loved ones or taking the time to listen and offer support. It’s a day for spreading love and joy, regardless of the form it takes. Whether it’s through grand gestures or small acts of kindness, the important thing is to make those around us feel loved and appreciated. On this day, people come together and celebrate the love that exists in their lives.

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