Liepod: Canada Goose Now Available in the Bookstore: Never Worry About Looking Poor Ever Again

Greenwich Resident ’95

Member of Trin PR Team

Approximately seven-hundred gorgeous cerulean blue Canada Goose Frackets have arrived at the Trinity College Bookstore this past Monday. Priced modestly at $5,350.00, this fracket is lined with diamond buttons and embroidered with alabaster white flowers. Incorporating Canada Goose into the Trinity College Bookstore merchandise has been a long time coming! This idea came about in the Trinity College Parent Facebook group when Karen (Trinity alumnus ’94) and Brad Banty (Trinity alumnus and AD president ’93) received a phone call from their freshman daughter, Medusa Society Banty, at precisely 4:12 a.m. on Sunday morning. 

“Despite the song ‘I’m Losing It’ blaring in the background and our daughter’s slurred words, it seemed our innocent daughter, Medusa, had misplaced her Canada Goose Fracket. She told me she could not bare looking like a ‘poor’ for one second longer,” said Brad, holding back tears at the mere thought of poverty. 

“She begged us to overnight ship a new Canada Goose Fracket to her dorm; however, the issue is that it arrived at the mailbox on Monday morning rather than by the time she awoke in the morning!” said Karen with dismay.

Thus, a revolution was sparked at Trinity. Brad and Karen took to the Trinity Parent Facebook page to recount the tragedy. As expected, hundreds of parents liked the post and commented identical experiences with their own daughters. Naturally, hundreds upon hundreds of Trinity parents decided to pull money out of renovating the Trinity Chapel until this dire issue was resolved. 

Within less than thirty seconds, President Berger-Sweeney issued an announcement via email that the Trinity College Bookstore has successfully partnered with Canada Goose, and that hundreds of frackets would be arriving on campus within the next thirty minutes.  

“Our lives have completely changed since this announcement was made. Since this announcement yesterday, our daughter, Medusa, has been able to buy sixteen new Canada Goose frackets,” said Brad, happily.

“We are just grateful that she can buy them as soon as she loses her others,” said Karen with a smile. 

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