When to Wear Panty Liners and How They Can Benefit You

When to Wear Panty Liners and How They Can Benefit You

If you’ve been to a pharmacy or grocery store, you may have seen panty liners on the shelves. However, even if you have a menstrual cycle, you may not know why someone would choose to wear panty liners instead of more substantial pads or tampons. Additionally, you may not know that some panty liners are specially made for those who experience incontinence.

This confusion is understandable, but we’re here to assist you and clarify some common instances where panty liners are helpful. If you want to know when you should wear panty liners and how they can benefit you, continue reading to learn more.

When Should You Wear a Panty Liner?

There are a few key times when you might want to put on panty liners rather than pads or tampons.

If You Experience Incontinence or Other Bladder Issues

If you deal with incontinence or other bladder-related issues, you may be surprised to hear that you can wear a version of specially manufactured panty liners. Most people know that there are panty liners and pads for menstruation, but these aren’t the only way to protect your underwear. Many people who deal with incontinence do so on a daily basis, meaning it’s difficult to stay comfortable and maintain your confidence. But panty liners made especially for incontinence can help you hold your head up high.

Incontinence panty liners can help you stay comfortable and dry, prevent soaking through your undergarments and bottoms, and easily keep prepared while you’re out and about. Panty liners are convenient and easy to store because they’re so small, so you can fit them into almost any pocket or bag.

When You’re Expecting Your Period

You may want to wear a panty liner when you’re expecting your period. Doing so can be especially helpful if your menstrual cycle is relatively regular, meaning you might be able to narrow down the exact days that your period is likely to start. Therefore, it would be wise to protect your underwear and prevent a messy cleanup in the days leading up to your period.

For many people, periods are a bit lighter at the beginning of the cycle versus the middle, so wearing a panty liner can provide you some protection and peace of mind without the discomfort of wearing a larger period product.

When You Discharge

If you experience discharge, you may want to wear a panty liner on days when you expect this, keeping the discharge from getting onto your underwear; you’ll feel protected daily. For example, if you know you’ll likely experience discharge in the days following your period, you might decide to wear panty liners to prevent soiling your underwear. Or, if you experience consistent discharge, you may even choose to wear panty liners daily.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Panty Liners?

There are many potential benefits that come with wearing panty liners, especially if you select the optimal days to wear them.

Protect Your Underwear

Panty liners are often efficient at protecting your underwear from getting stained or otherwise soiled. You may find them to be useful if you have bladder or incontinence issues, experience discharge, or are expecting your period soon.

Reduce Cleaning Time

Many people find themselves needing to clean their underwear whenever it becomes soiled. By wearing a panty liner, you are likely to greatly reduce the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning your underwear.

Peace of Mind

If you are worried about bleeding through your underwear or bottoms as the result of an unexpected period, you may choose to wear panty liners to avoid embarrassment or the need to clean up. By wearing a panty liner whenever you suspect your period might start, or even on a daily basis, you can feel significant peace of mind knowing that something is there to protect your clothes.

Eliminate Odor

If you struggle with incontinence, you may want to use specially-made panty liners to eliminate any traces of odor. Having a lack of control over your bladder can make it difficult for you to maintain an overall sense of confidence, especially because of the smells associated with incontinence. Incontinence panty liners can help you neutralize odors, even when you’re unable to find a change of clothes. This allows many of us to find freedom and live life to the fullest.

Stay Dry

Incontinence panty liners can also come with moisture-wicking or drying technology. This means, especially if you’re dealing with incontinence and want to feel comfortable, staying dry can help with this significantly. Instead of going through your daily tasks feeling moist or sticky, you can take on the day with confidence. You won’t even need to give your incontinence or bladder issues another thought.

Less Bulky Than Pads

Panty liners are also far less bulky than regular pads, making them more comfortable than larger period products. If you feel like you’re in a diaper whenever you wear a pad, you may opt to wear panty liners instead during your period. However, doing so may require you to change your liner more often, but you might consider this a fair trade-off if you greatly value comfort.


Panty liners are an excellent option for many people, especially those who experience menstrual bleeding or bladder incontinence. If you value peace of mind, comfort, and protecting your clothes, panty liners can provide you with all of that.