What are Ruby Sliders?

What are Ruby Sliders?

Imagine an affordable invention that will save you tons of money and time from fixing your floors after years of moving furniture. With Ruby Sliders, this has now become a tangible reality. According to Ruby Sliders reviews, this game-changing product is your new go-to if you need to protect your hard floors from the daily scuffing and scratching that furniture legs put your home through.

Regular felt pads can fall off easily and won’t last long, but Ruby Sliders are made with a premium nano-weave pad material and high quality silicone that is glued on with industrial strength adhesive. This way, you can always trust Ruby Slippers with shielding your home’s floors from any and all damage.

This inventive product also is super flexible, making it easy to put on any size or shape of furniture leg—from ornate dining tables to folding chairs and more. No matter whether your furniture has wide legs, slender legs, round, or square, Ruby Sliders does the job in spades.

Which Surfaces are Best for Ruby Sliders?

Wondering what surfaces are best for Ruby Sliders? Well, they are able to help protect any type of hard surfaced floor from hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and more! Keep your floors and even your chair or table legs scuff-free with Ruby Sliders.

Read on to learn more about the wide range of hard floors that Ruby Sliders can protect from even the heaviest or bulkiest types of furniture.

Hardwood Floors

If you have or have had hardwood floors, you know how easily they can get scratched up by daily wear and tear, especially if you have hefty furniture.

Wood floors are often a prized feature in many homes. Don’t let your beautiful floors go to waste! The modern homeowner needs Ruby Slippers to ensure that the beauty and warmth that hardwood floors add to the home are saved for years to come.

Generally, the concern with hardwood floors is how easily they can get scratched or scuffed. Short answer—it really depends on the wood. It’s true that hardwood flooring isn’t as durable or scratch resistant as stone or ceramic tile; however, some types of wood are more difficult to damage than others. In fact, the degree of damage to wood floors is highly reliant on the type of wood, the grain pattern, and if there is a finish applied to the hardwood. Nevertheless, with Ruby Slippers you won’t need to worry about these underlying factors. Just slide on a Ruby Slider onto your everyday table or chair leg, and you’re set!

Laminate Floors

Worried about your laminate floors? No need. Ruby Sliders also work on common laminate flooring. The answer to the usual question of if laminate floors scratch easily is this—there isn’t any known laminate flooring on the market currently that is completely scratch-proof. But there are a few factors that can determine the degree of damage that can possibly occur to your home’s laminate flooring.

For instance, an AC rating is an industry standard system that rates the scratch resistance of a product; more specifically for laminate and vinyl floors. It also measures the floor’s resistance to general abrasion, impact damage, and stains. AC1 denotes the lowest quality while AC5 stands for the best of the best. And usually, you’d want the best. However, if you’re renting or buying a home that already has a certain quality of laminate flooring (perhaps a lower grade), Ruby Sliders are certainly the best option for you.

Ceramic Tile Floors

Oftentimes, ceramic tile flooring is built to last; however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still prone to scratches varying from light to deep. Ceramic tile is popular because of its general durability and the fact that it’s easy to clean. But even a sharp edge of a metal chair or table leg could create a scratch in the tile’s finish. What’s even more is that trying to move a heavy appliance, such as a refrigerator could do something similar.

That’s why Ruby Sliders are the perfect invention for you to buy if your home has ceramic tile floors.

What are Ruby Sliders?

Ruby Sliders are meant to prevent damage and protect your home’s floors from the annoying scuffs and scratches of furniture legs. If you’re a homeowner who wants to save time and money on mending your hard floors, then make sure to buy Ruby Sliders. They’re available at most online retailers that sell furniture and homeware. Purchase them today and make sure your floors are kept pristine for the foreseeable future.