Want to Make a Career of Engagement Ring Designing? Here’s Where to Start!

Were you one of those kids that never paid attention in class, and instead was always scribbling away in your notebooks? Did that passion for drawing never disappeared and did you continue to improve your craft, as the years passed by? Maybe you didn’t even follow the normal path, like art school, or some art-related degree in college – that’s alright! Nowadays, formal education is one of the many paths you can choose in order to follow your dreams. You have experts in many subjects that took advantage of online courses, YouTube masterclasses or even through books and videos. The most important aspect is to never lose focus and use that passion you have to keep you motivated.

Now, we’re here today to talk about some paths you can take to be able to start designing jewelry, more specifically, affordable engagement rings under $500. From your education to your first steps, let’s dive into it!


As we’ve mentioned above, there are a few different paths you can take at this stage. First, you can take advantage of more formal and popular college courses, like jewelry design, drawing for jewelry design, metalwork for jewelry design, gemology for jewelry makers, and jewelry production skills. San Antonio College, Saint Paul College, and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College are some of the more popular choices for these degrees, even though you should always ask your local college for more information.

Next, if you still don’t feel prepared for the real world and you want to master your craft before starting your business, a bachelor is a great idea. You can also enroll in one while still being in the industry, as you’ll be practicing the theory and the practice at the same time. The IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Milan has one of the best bachelor degrees in jewelry design, but if you’re from the USA and you don’t want to move that far, the OCAD University, in Toronto, offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Design in Material Art & Design – a bit more general, but also enriching.

Lastly, you can skip all this and take advantage of one of the many online courses available on the web. They generally take between 3 months and a year and you can easily find them through a quick google search. Now, going further and getting the certificate program offered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will definitely help you achieve your goal and aim for a better salary.

First Steps

You’re a master at your craft, what next? Easy, just go for it! Alright, we’ll be more specific. If you want to make a career in engagement ring designing, you must first build a portfolio – not only on conceptual designs but also with finished pieces. Use some college works and if you still don’t have that much, contact local jewelry stores with projects or internship requests – you’ll be surprised with how much you can get by just asking.

If you already have a bulky portfolio, the next step is to reach your clients! In today’s world, nothing better than social networks. Be sure to create an Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Tik Tok account and start by showing your engagement ring designs. Don’t forget to accompany your drawings and products with emotional and beautiful stories from your clients – trust us, that sells!

Say Yes!

You’ve got your education and you’re taking your first steps, so now there is only one thing remaining. Grow as an artist, grow as a business and follow your dream. Try to always fit everyone’s tastes, while maintaining your style and the aspects that differentiate you from your competitors. In the end, have fun and create the most beautiful rings everyone has ever seen.