Unique Gift Ideas for College Graduates

Unique Gift Ideas for College Graduates

            Do you have a recent college graduate in your life? If so, they’re probably taking their first steps toward finding jobs and establishing themselves in the real world, which is no easy task. Every college graduate needs support from friends and family who have gone through the process before and know that they’ll need some essential things to get them settled and comfortable in their new lives. So if you’re wondering what gifts a recent college graduate might need, look no further! With so many details of our lives changing, it can be hard to keep up with what young people need these days, and that’s why the internet is here to help! Keep reading for a few great gift ideas for the recent college graduates in your life!


            Music is always a necessity in any home living situation, and physical media has been on the rise in recent years. Vinyl records are hugely popular amongst music fans. They are an excellent way for a recent college graduate to unwind and enjoy some of their favorite music on a physical platform! These days, you can find almost any big-name album pressed on vinyl, so find out their favorite albums and get them a collection of vinyl records started! Entertainment and art are essential parts of our lives, and there is no better gift than the gift of music!

Gift Cards

            Well, there might be one gift that’s better than music, and that’s the gift of money. New college graduates will likely have a lot of expenses, whether it be from moving, taking on student loans, or furniture. Gift cards to places like Target are a great way to give them something they need; financial support! Recent graduates have it tough these days, so consider getting a gift card to somewhere that carries plenty of home goods so they can fill up their new apartment with some homey items right away!

Renter’s Insurance

            When it comes to feeling secure in a dangerous world, renters insurance is something that newly independent college graduates often overlook. Renters insurance covers your belongings in your home in a break-in, accident, or disaster event. Many insurance providers offer different scales of plans depending on what you want covered, and it can save you thousands of dollars replacing essential home items and appliances. Maybe they’ll never use it, and we hope so, but it will undoubtedly keep your recent graduates’ minds at ease as they live in a new area or move to a new state for their new career. So consider giving your recent graduate the gift of renters insurance!

Reusable Water Bottle

            This might seem like a basic gift idea, but a great reusable water bottle is a gift that keeps on giving and will help your recent college graduate decrease their environmental impact! There are tons of great brands that sell various sizes and colors to match their personality. Trust us when we say that once you own a reusable water bottle, you’ll never go back to relying on plastic bottles again. The convenience and reliability of being able to fill up at any water fountain will save them tons of money and, best of all, keep them hydrated! Something that young people need to keep as much of an eye on as they can with the busy schedules they’ll be leading after graduation! A reusable water bottle is a great gift idea for recent graduates, pick one up today!

Ring Light

            These days, the modern work environment is becoming more and more reliant on remote working and remote interviewing. Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly more important to have tools at home that we can use to look professional and put together. A ring light is a small light in the shape of a ring that one places behind their computer to illuminate their face and present themselves during an interview, zoom meeting, or even for creating content! A ring light is a great gift for modern college graduates and is something that they can use for professional or recreational purposes!

            When getting a gift for a college graduate, you want to make sure you get something that improves their lives. Graduating from college can be exciting, but it can also be terrifying and stressful! The world is uncertain, especially now, and recent graduates will need both ways to sustain themselves and ways to entertain themselves and find some enjoyment every day! Consider getting them some vinyl records for a bit of music in their life or some gift cards to department stores so they can start making a home in their new residence. Good luck, and try out any of these helpful suggestions as a gift for the recent graduate in your life!