Tripod Staff

Tripod Staff: Spring 2021

Editor-in-Chief: Brendan W. Clark ’21

Brendan W. Clark ’21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Tripod, having assumed the role in Spring 2020. Brendan is a senior Public Policy and Law and History double major and aspires to be an attorney.

He was previously the paper’s Managing Editor (Spring 2018 and Fall 2019), News Editor (Spring 2018 and Fall 2018), and the Editor-in-Chief of his high school newspaper Insight (Fall 2017 and Spring 2017). Brendan has been involved in student journalism since 2013.

At Trinity, Brendan sought an active role with the Tripod as he is an ardent proponent of the free-press and its indispensable role as a check upon the authority of administrative agencies.

Aside from the Tripod, Brendan works with the Office of Alumni Relations, is an editor of the History@Trinity and Policy Voice blogs, and was an intern with the Office of the Connecticut Attorney General. Brendan is also an undergraduate fellow at the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life and a Law Clerk at Rose Kallor, LLP, an employment defense litigation firm in Hartford, Connecticut.

In his free time, Brendan enjoys reading British history and treatises on law. He is also an excellent badminton player, an avid fan of croquet, and a novice tennis player. He is also known for his debonair style, never failing to dress in suit and tie with the panache of Fred Astaire.

Managing Editor: Daniel Nesbitt ’22

Daniel Nesbitt ’22 is the Managing Editor of the Tripod and was formerly the Tripod’s News editor and Opinion editor. He is a double major in Public Policy and Law and Chemistry. He is also actively involved in political organizations on campus. Daniel joined the Tripod to allow students to express their opinions on campus.

Managing Editor: Kat Namon ’22

Kat Namon ’22 is one of the Tripod‘s Managing Editors. She is a junior Public Policy and Law and Art History double-major from Lakeville, CT. Kat attended the Hotchkiss School, where she served as Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper. At the Tripod, Kat has served as a News and Arts and Entertainment editor. She enjoys writing for each section equally and exploring the different aspects of the school that students want to learn more about. 

Kat joined the Tripod because she always felt she had a responsibility to contribute to protecting the integrity of the free press. School newspapers provide a catalyst for change through what students write. 

Executive Editor: Kip Lynch ’22

Kip Lynch ’22 is Executive Editor of The Trinity Tripod. He was previously a News Editor, Staff Writer, and Tripod Liaison to the Student Government Association. Kip is a History major and intends to also minor in Religious Studies and Asian Studies. Outside of the Tripod, Kip is a member of Chapel Council, President of the Trinity College Fencing Club, Undergraduate Fellow at the Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life, and a member of the History Student Advisory Board.

News Editor: Jack P. Carroll ’24

Jack Carroll ’24 is a News Editor for the Tripod. He is a Connecticut native who plans to major in English and Political Science. Jack currently sits on the Executive Board of the Trinity Pre-Law Society, and he is a member of the Speech Team. He was previously a Freelance Journalist for the Record-Journal in Meriden, CT. In his free time, Jack enjoys reading, hiking, and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

Opinion Editor: Skyler Simpkins ’23

Skyler Simpkins ’23 is the Opinion Editor of the Tripod. She is from Fort Smith, Arkansas. At her high school, she created the first organization on campus to foster political discussion. She is a double major in Political Science and Psychology, and she is minoring in Legal Studies. She is active in many political organizations on campus. In her free time, Skyler enjoys twirling batons and sipping on sweet tea. She joined the Tripod in order to ensure that all opinions were heard and were given respect on campus. Further, she hopes to prolong the Tripod’s reputation as a respectful and thoughtful medium for dissemination and contemplation of opinions.

Features Editor: Katie Cerulle ’22

Katie Cerulle ’22 was previously a staff writer for the features section but has taken on the role of features editor this semester. Katie is a junior and double majoring in English and Educational Studies from Wellesley, MA. Aside from writing, Katie spends her time rowing on the Connecticut River with the varsity rowing team or in the Stella Sorority house.

Katie’s favorite part of being a features writer is her ability to interview students, groups or professors that are usually overlooked and give them the ability to share their stories.

Features Editor: Maura Keary ’22

Maura Keary ’22 is a Features Editor at the Trinity Tripod and was previously a staff writer for the Features section. Maura is a junior Economics major and Writing, Rhetoric and Media minor from Fairfield, CT. She has also written for the Trinity Office of Sports Communications, writing game recaps and feature stories on athletes. Maura is on the Trinity Softball team and also hosts a Country music radio show on campus at WRTC.

Maura joined the Tripod because she enjoys writing to inform students and the campus community. She loves that the Tripod provides a place to practice free speech and share opinions, news, and current events.

Features Editor: Bailey McKeon ’22

Bailey McKeon ’22 is one of the Tripod’s Features Editors. She is a philosophy major and English minor from Dallas, Texas. Aside from writing for the Tripod, Bailey is a writing center associate, works at the Student Accessibility Resource Center, and plays for Trinity’s Women’s Ice Hockey Team. Bailey has also worked for Trinity’s Office of Communications writing articles for the school’s website. Bailey’s favorite part about working for the Tripod is interviewing interesting people!

Features Editor: Olivia Papp ’22

Olivia Papp ’22 was previously a contributing writer to the Tripod. This semester, she has taken on the role of features editor. From Wolfeboro, NH, she is a sophomore and is double majoring in Public Policy and Law and American Studies. She is also a member of the women’s varsity rowing team.

Olivia joined the Tripod because she enjoys listening to people’s stories and sharing them with the community.

Arts Editor: Caroline Richards ’22

Caroline Richards ’22 is an Arts & Entertainment editor for the Tripod; as an upcoming junior at Trinity, this is her second semester serving in this position. She is an 1823 Scholar from Nantucket, Massachusetts and is double-majoring in English with a Creative Writing focus and Anthropology.

In high school she served as Editor-in-Chief for two years and introduced the first ever bilingual section to her school paper Veritas. Her writing interests include commentary on popular culture (especially music and film) and literary criticisms. She is an avid writer and dedicates much of her free time to writing and reading poetry: some of her favorites are Natalie Díaz, Brenda Shaughnessy, and Rainer Maria Rilke.

She is a member of the Trinity College TREEhouse and the women’s club soccer team. As A&E editor, she hopes to incorporate as much student art as possible and include student voices from all corners of Trinity’s vibrant campus. She encourages students to reach out to her with any and all creative projects or ideas for the A&E section.

Arts Editor: Joey Cifelli ’23

Joey Cifelli ’23 didn’t expect to make it this far, but here he is: a plucky young Environmental Science major and Arts Editor plebe. Joey is a big proponent of both creative writing and nature, which is why he writes about clouds and whimsy instead of anything resembling sound journalism. Joey attended George School, where he wrote for the school newspaper The Curious George and contributed to the school’s literary publication Argo.

He is a theoretical culinary savant, combining hundreds of hours spent consuming cooking videos with zero practical experience. In his free time, Joey co-edits the online literary magazine Skeleton Beetle, reads books for pleasure, takes long walks on the beach or wherever else he finds himself, and, when the stars align, writes a story or two.

Joey is always open to critiques, ideas, conversations, or anything else you may want to share with him in his editorial role or otherwise. He hopes you are doing well.

Arts Editor: Maciek Pradziad ’22

Maciej Pradziad ’23 is a second-year Chicago Scholar from Chicago, Illinois who plans on double majoring in English and Film Studies. He is an Arts and Entertainment Editor for The Trinity Tripod, writing film critiques and analyses about films currently playing at Cinestudio and those accessible through various streaming platforms. Aside from the Tripod, Maciej was a part of the creative team for the ninth annual Trinity Film Festival, was cast in Trinity College production of Bright Star, and volunteered at Cinestudio.

Sports Editor: Anna Bauer ’23

Anna Bauer ’23 is an ocean addict from Miami, Florida. She plans to double major in English and Biology in hopes that one day she will be a globe-trotting marine biologist who can vibrantly detail all of her findings. Her many years on a basketball court in high school created a love of sports and team comradery. Though Anna did not continue to play in college, her love for the game and for cheering on other sports teams did not fade; hence, why she wanted to be the sports editor: a position perfectly suited for a writer and sports fan.

In her free time, Anna enjoys lounging on the quad with a good book and friends. She cannot wait for the Bantam season to begin!

Sports Editor: Mateo Vazquez ’21

Mateo Vazquez ’21 is a senior from the town of Cheshire, CT. He plans to double major in Hispanic Studies and Public Policy & Law. Mateo started writing for the Tripod sports section during the spring of his freshman year. He absolutely loves reporting to the student body about how Bantam sports are doing throughout the NESCAC.

One of his favorite sports to report on is baseball and the squash national championship games. When he is not writing for the Tripod, you can probably find him reading a good book on the quad, working on homework in the Underground or competing with Trinity’s new speech club. He is looking forward to this upcoming year of Bantam sports and can’t wait to report on another great season.

Social Media Manager: Alexandra Boursican ’23

Alexandra Boursican ’23 is a sophomore from Milton, Massachusetts and is the Tripod‘s Social Media Manager. She is majoring in English and minoring in History. She hopes to use the Tripod’s social media as a way to reach a wider audience and be accessible to alumni, current, and future students. Alex also works in the Financial Aid Office during the week. She also held an internship last year at CT News Junkie, a political newspaper centered in Hartford’s capitol.

Creative Editor: Liz Foster ’22

Liz Foster ’22 is a Pisces and a junior from Dover, Massachusetts and is the Tripod‘s Creative Editor. She was previously Managing Editor for two semesters and Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Tripod for two semesters, where she frequently wrote album reviews and food-related content. She is currently an English and French major and serves on the English Student Advisory Board. She enjoys the Tripod as a way to improve her writing and collaborative abilities, correct others’ grammar without being challenged, and see how far she can push the limits of student journalism. In her free time, Liz enjoys tweeting, long walks to Steve’s Bagels, and watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Business Manager: Div Gaur ’22

Div Gaur ’22 is the Business Manager at The Trinity Tripod. He is a senior double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. Div is actively involved in several on-campus organizations and serves as the Treasurer for the International House and is the lead guitarist for the Trinity Jazz Ensemble. He is an avid fan of reading manga and enjoys running track, playing basketball and meditating in his free time.