Trading Related Jobs You Can Do from Home

Are you looking for a job in the trading field you can do entirely from a home base? The good news is that in the digital age, most such positions can be done remotely from homes, coffee shops, libraries, or just about anywhere you can get an internet connection on your favorite device. The other encouraging fact is that there’s no need to be a professionally trained investor to earn a decent living as a day trader, financial blogger, or even a precious metals broker. Millions of retirees, college students, and people of all ages are taking on the challenge of building part-time and full-time positions as independent operators in the investing field. Startup expenses tend to be relatively low compared to other at-home jobs, and you can begin building up your skills today. Here’s more about how to begin.

Day Trading

There’s a common myth about day trading being the exclusive arena of deep-pocket professionals. Three decades ago, that statement had some truth to it. Nowadays, millions of working people day trade part-time to earn a reasonable side income. Some become successful enough to turn the pursuit into a full-time affair and build their account balances up with each passing month. To get started, it’s best to review a day trading guide that lists the best penny stocks to trade. Getting your feet wet with this unique type of investing, in which no positions are held overnight, is best done with low-cap shares. Find a list of penny stocks to trade, use a demo account to learn how to place orders quickly, and then choose the shares that suit your personal preferences and risk tolerance level.

Financial Blogging

Financial bloggers are a new breed of specialist writers who have gained a huge following in five years. Ever since social media enthusiasts realized they could pool their financial knowledge and increase the chance of earning profits on a stock, forex, and cryptocurrency trading, the financial blogging scene has exploded. If you want to build a blog that brings in new readers regularly, it’s best to choose a niche that has proven to be popular with ordinary, non-professional investors. Some of the most lucrative subjects include analysis of dividend-paying stocks, techniques for evaluating profitable opportunities, real estate-based securities, cryptocurrency, precious metals discussion boards, and more.

Working as a Precious Metals Broker

The precious metals market is exploding in popularity as consumers discover the value of holding small amounts of silver and gold bullion for long-term appreciation. You can begin a brokerage career by finding a few customers and selling them one-once bars that you mark up above the metal’s spot price. The key to success is to start slowly and build a regular clientele of people who trust you to deliver on time and at a fair markup over the spot price. Expect to work part-time for at least a year before you’ll have enough customers to make a full-time living out of being a metals broker. Be careful to store your inventory in a secure location not in your home. Always meet customers at public places, like banks, to do transactions.