Three of the Most Important Skills You Need to Succeed in College

There’s a lot more to college than simply going to class and passing your assignments. College isn’t like high school, so you need to have the right skills. Having the appropriate skillset can make your college career a lot easier to manage. Here are three of the essential skills you need to succeed in college.

Communication Skills

In college, knowing how to communicate appropriately is how you move forward. However, communication is not just about learning how to have a conversation. While anyone can have a conversation, you need to listen while adding substance to the discourse. Asking engaging questions is also a skill because that’s what keeps the conversation going. Learning how to maintain eye contact is also considered a skill as it shows the person you’re talking to that you’re engaged.

While on the subject, let’s go over interpersonal skills. Interpersonal communication is when you have a conversation with yourself. Interpersonal communication is when you think to yourself or voice your thoughts to persist as a student and overcome a challenge. You can also keep yourself focused and on task, which can be challenging if you have ADHD.


College is one of the best ways to become more accountable. Being self-sufficient teaches you how to be responsible and take accountability when necessary. If you ever need help in college, it falls to you to ask the professor or use one of the resources you were introduced to in orientation. An excellent example of being accountable is applying for a college scholarship.

A scholarship is when a student is awarded financial aid for their exemplary academic performance. A common misconception is that you need to have perfect grades to get a scholarship. While having high marks is ideal, you can still apply for scholarships if you’re a B student. Many scholarship programs only require at least a GPA of 3.0 or higher to be eligible. As for the application process, you can easily find college scholarships and apply quickly by utilizing a free application platform.

Time Management

College can be demanding, which means you must understand time management in general and learn how to manage your time effectively. You don’t have the same type of pre-made structure high school gives you. Efficient time-effective management skills begin and end with an organized schedule. Unless you’re a full-time college student, you need to balance your work and personal life with your college career.

Rushing to complete your schoolwork isn’t the best idea for full-time students. Since college usually comes with a heavier course load, you need to pace yourself. Set aside time to review the assignments and do the required reading. Then, you can schedule a time to do the homework without being stressed. It also gives you more time to review what you’ve done and ensure that it meets the requirements. Finally, creating a schedule also gives you enough time to reach out to your professor if you need extra help.