The Science of Getting High: How Exactly Does Cannabis Work?

The Science of Getting High: How Exactly Does Cannabis Work?

Are you curious about cannabis? If you’re of a certain age, you will have witnessed firsthand how the stigma surrounding marijuana has decreased. As more and more states begin to legalize cannabis for recreational use. An upward trend in the “respectability” of marijuana has been seen in the public consciousness. This is a watershed moment for many reasons. Namely, the end of the prosecution of cannabis users and advocates. Before now these people would face heavy fines for their hobby. And in the worst cases, significant sentences for incarceration. Thankfully we are beginning to see the other side of such, archaic and draconian times. Now, we can google things like san diego dispensary and have a plethora of options. The landscape surrounding cannabis is almost unrecognizable! As a byproduct of this quiet revolution not only are we seeing more and more people try marijuana and form their own opinions about it. We’re also seeing a renewed interest arise in the study of cannabis. Thus allowing for the dispelling of any misinformation that’s accrued in its decades-long absence from academia. To that end, I wanted to do my part and create this article on how marijuana gets us high, and how to handle it if we happen to overindulge on cannabis!


Now when we’re talking about the active ingredients in marijuana. Nine times out of ten. We’re talking about THC. This is an acronym bandied about often by pundits but remains somewhat mysterious to the common person. So let’s remedy that! What is THC? THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. It’s what gives us that floaty, funny feeling we associate with cannabis. In its simplest terms. THC is absorbed by your body, into your bloodstream. This can be accomplished in a few different ways. Some consume THC by ingestion, through its inclusion in food. Others consume it via inhalation of smoke, or vapor as a result of combustion. Whatever way it enters your bloodstream. After its absorption, THC travels through your bloodstream and enters your brain. This is what causes the “high” people get from marijuana. Now the speed at which this happens depends heavily on the way you introduce the THC into your bloodstream. For instance, if you ingest cannabis through food i.e. a cookie. It will take a much longer period for your body to feel its effects. This is because marijuana has to be metabolized by your digestive system for any interaction to take place. On the other hand, inhaling THC via either smoke or vapor. Is a much more efficient process, because it is processed by your lungs. Making it a more direct route to your bloodstream. However, you may choose to ingest cannabis it is important to remember your limits. This brings us to our next topic!

What To Do When You’ve Done Too Much

Now we’ve all been there. Whether it be with marijuana, alcohol, or heck for some even coffee. Every person on this planet has at one time, overindulged in a vice. Listen, I get it. Times are hard, and sometimes it feels like life has a special way of grinding you down. If you need to take a little time to yourself to have some fun and blow off some steam; that’s great! I am in no way here to judge. The only problem with overindulgence. Is that for some cannabis users finding your limits can be a fairly harrowing experience. But don’t worry! Because I’m here to offer some advice. I regret to inform you though, that this advice is not easy. Because your greatest ally in this battle is time. The THC has to process through your body, and unfortunately, you’re gonna have to feel most of it. However! Things are not all doom and gloom. Because there are many ways to bolster this experience. My first suggestion is to find a place to lie down. After you’ve found a comfortable relaxing spot to rest, take a deep breath. If you practice mindfulness now would be a great time to do a mental check-in. Try to ignore what your brain is shouting at you, and listen more to your body. What does it want? Maybe it’s cold? Maybe you’d be more comfortable under a blanket? It can be any number of things, and they all can affect how trenchant a bad high can be. The key thing to remember is to breathe. Breathing can ground you and serve as an excellent reminder. That you are still here and you’ll get through this!

The times are changing. What was once an almost verboten subject matter, has been transmogrified before our very eyes. Now people gab about marijuana in supermarkets. Soon I wouldn’t be surprised if you could purchase cannabis in those same supermarkets. If you’d look even fifteen years ago, the conversation surrounding marijuana would be starkly different. My advice? Embrace change. Sometimes you just have to get on board. And when the train is as fun and carefree as cannabis? It’s easy to jump on!