Struggling on Gift Ideas for Dad This Year? Look no Further

We all have that moment when we know that a special event or celebration is around the corner, and you can’t think of a single gift idea. For some reason, dad’s have this particular power that makes them seem impossible to buy for. They are some of the strongest, most caring, and loving figures in your life, and it’s all too common to come up blank when you try and think of the perfect gift to show them how much they matter!

The great thing for you is that if you find yourself struggling on gift ideas this year for good ole dad, here are some awesome products that are sure to be a huge hit!

Vina – He’ll Love It!

Whether you are celebrating his birthday or father’s day, Vina soda is a great gift that is delicious for you! Not content with normal soda that has never registered as anywhere close to nutritious or healthy, the creators at Vina made an alternative soda drink that is tasty, delicious, and sure to satisfy.

Made from wholesome, organic ingredients, this soda is built smartly. Not sacrificing one drop of flavor, this carbonated beverage will be something that stands out when you celebrate your dad this year.

For the Military Dad’s Out There

If you are celebrating not only the world’s greatest dad but also past or present military service member, surprise your dad this year with customized military dog tags. Using their customer-friendly online platform, you can build military-grade, customized dog tags at This is a great way to show your dad that you not only love him but appreciate the sacrifice he made for this great country.

Cars and Ts

One of the most iconic gifts you can get your father this year is protection for his pride and joy, you got it, his car. PPF car, or paint protection for a car, is a clear lining that adheres to the outside of your vehicle and helps to keep your car’s paint job looking brand new. One of the most compelling reasons for using PPF car is that it provides one of the most superior protection for your car’s paint available.

Not only that, but inevitably when damage does occur, the thing layer protecting your car can be easily repaired by any detailer. What’s more, is that many modern PPF car wraps actually use anti-UV technology to help protect your car’s paint from sun damage. While most vehicles tilize a clear coat method of protecting the base color coat of paint, the advantage to a PPF car wrap is that it simply adds more protection without being noticed. Easy to take off or repair, getting your dad a PPF car wrap this year could be a gift he will never forget.

Now, it’s evident that clothes make a great gift for almost any occasion, but when it comes to getting the men your life something to wear, you should always trust Oliver’s Apparel. Their top-of-the-line casual athletic wear is nice enough for an evening out on the town but comfy enough to wear on the cough during that NCIS marathon.

You can shop everything from hats, hoodies, short-sleeve henley, all the way to pants and shorts. If you are looking for that perfect balance of high-quality casual wear for your dad in 2022, look no further than Oliver’s Apparel.

Flying Fish Roe

One of the best ways to show your dad that he matters in 2022 is to get him something really special. If you were wondering what kind of unique delicacy you could get your dad that shows him that he means the world to you, consider getting him the gift of caviar or tobiko.

What is Tobiko?

Tobiko, like caviar, is a fish roe that is harvested and considered a delicacy. Typically found alongside sashimi, tobiko has a unique flavor profile that makes it an incredible gift for your dad this year. Caviar has a slightly different profile and is the fish roe (eggs) specifically Spurgeon. If you want to impress him, get top-shelf Caviar from Imperia Caviar. This is a gift that says your dad is worth celebrating as few others can!


CBD has had a somewhat controversial career in the medical industry. For years this compound was illegal due to restrictions on any cannabis-based products. However, thanks to recent changes, industrial cannabis, Hemp has been made widely accepted and legalized. With this change came the emergence of CBD-related products.

CBD is a natural product extracted from Hemp and is thought to help ease discomfort and soothe tension throughout the body. This incredible compound is believed to be safe, effective, organic, and a clean source of tension relief. CBD for athletes and working out has recently become popular, as its soothing effects are perfect for helping relieve the tension that physical exertion can build.

Getting your dad clean, healthy stress relief may be the thing that helps him stay encouraged and motivated to keep pursuing his health and wellness goals in 2022!

St. Pattys Day and Socks That Help!

One of the most festive holidays is St. Patty’s day, and what better way to help your dad celebrate it this year than by getting him a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt! So if you want to make memories with your dad that will last a lifetime, grab him a t-shirt, buy him a beer and enjoy the luck of the Irish this year on St. Patty’s day!

What’s more, is that if your dad suffers from poor lower limb circulation, you can get him a gift that will help him enjoy all the holidays, like a pair of 15-20 mmHg compression socks. These incredible socks do more than just keep your feet warm. They help keep your circulation going strong. People who suffer from poor circulation can struggle with issues like swelling and edema, which can cause discomfort and, in some instances, even pain. So if your dad has worked with these issues, then getting him a pair of socks that help keep his circulation flowing is a thoughtful and impactful way to say you love him his year!

Hammocks and Potatoes

There’s one thing you know, dad’s love hammocks and having fun. ENO’s signature hammock is one of the leading brands to bring top-of-the-line quality and comfort to the outdoors. These easy-to-use hammocks are perfect for a spontaneous afternoon outside or a dedicated weekend backpacking trip. With unmatched comfort, ENO hammocks have to be on the shopping list for dad in 2022.

Lastly, get your dad a gift he won’t be able to stop laughing at. Dad is never too old for a gag gift, and how does a potato with a hilarious one-liner or a print of his favorite football player sound? Potatoparcel is one of the most inventive and creative places to get your dad a gift that he will never forget and that will have him laugh out loud.