The Big Game on Thanksgiving Day

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Anna Bauer ’23

Sports Editor

This past Thursday was full of all things American: “traditional” Thanksgiving pies, the Macy’s day parade, and of course our favorite past time – football. 

At 12:30pm, when many dinners were still being prepared, the Detroit Lions faced the Houston Texans, beginning week 12 of the NFL. Entering this game, the Lions had a 4-6 record, and the Texans a 3-7 record. Leaving this game, the Lions had another loss and the Texans a win. 

Starting out strong, Adrian Peterson scored a 1-yard touchdown run for the Lions, giving them a 7-0 lead. This lead was not long-lived, however, as a few minutes later Houston scored a touchdown but missed the field goal, bringing the score 7-6. Again, Houston got themselves on the board as Deshaun Watson, the Houston quarterback, threw to C.J. Prosise who ran it into the endzone; the Texans lead 13-7 at the end of the first quarter. 

Early in the second quarter, the Lions are the first to score again as Peterson, his second score of the game, ran the ball into the endzone, giving the Lions a one-point lead, 14-13. Again this lead was short-lived as Houston’s Johnson scored a touchdown less than two minutes later, 20-14 Texans. On their fourth attempt, Houston went for a 42-yard field goal attempt and scored, furthering their lead against Detroit, 23-14. 

In the second half of the game, third quarter, both teams only scored a field goal, making the score 26-17 by the end of the third. Clearly running out of energy by the fourth quarter, the Lions allowed the Texans another score as Deshaun Watson threw a 40-yard pass to Will Fuller V who caught the ball upon entering the endzone. Houston then went for the two-point conversion, bringing the score 34-17. Then, again, only a couple of minutes later, Fuller V was wide-open and caught a 34-yard pass from Watson, Fuller V then ran it into the endzone, doing a victory dance when the score became 41-17. Just over 6:30 left in the game, Matthew Stafford threw a beautiful pass to Mohammed Sanu who was standing in the endzone. When the buzzer went off for the final time, the score was 41-25, Houston Texans taking win. 

Following this tragic game for the Lions, the Dallas Cowboys played the Washington Football Team at 4:30pm. While some of us were likely stuffing our faces with turkey and mash potatoes at this time, these teams had a game to play, only one of them clearly did not come to win. Now, granted, the Washington Football Team did seem to have a secret weapon that was only just revealed: Antonio Gibson. He is a rookie running back who proved himself a valuable asset as he was handed the ball 20 times, ran the ball 115 yards, and scored three touchdowns for Washington. Terry McLaurin, Washington’s best wide receiver, also played a great hand in this win as he made a tackle that prevented a pick-six from going to completion and also caught seven passes for 92 yards. In addition, Washington’s defense played one of its best games of the season as they sacked Andy Dalton, the Cowboys’ quarterback, three times and intercepted one of his passes, leading Washington to a touchdown! 

During the first quarter, the Cowboys were the first to score, making a 33-yard field goal and bringing the score 3-0. Then the rookie Gibson scored his first touchdown of the game with just over a minute left on the clock. Throughout the second quarter, both teams scored twice: the Cowboys scored their first touchdown and another field goal, while Washington scored their first field goal and another touchdown. By the end of the first half, Washington was in the lead, 17-13. In the third quarter, both teams scored a field goal and Washington held the lead, 20-16. The fourth quarter is when Gibson’s talents were seen as he scored two touchdowns; the first was a 23-yard run and the second was a 37-yard. Montez Sweat intercepted Dallas’ quarterback and ran the ball back 15-yards into the endzone, scoring the last score of the game and ensuring Washington’s 41-16 win. Following this game, Washington sat in the first seat of the NFC with a 4-7 record, however, following this weekend they now trail just behind the New York Giants who also have a 4-7 record. Meanwhile, the Cowboys sit in the last seat of the NFC with an unfortunate 3-8 record. 

Week 12 of the NFL will come to a close tomorrow night with the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Baltimore Ravens. Tune in next week for the recap of week 13!


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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