Football Suffers Unfortunate Defeat To Williams

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The Trinity College men’s football team suffered an unfortunate defeat against a well-matched opponent Williams College who is now on a three-game winning streak. Although the Bantams lost this match they were able to hold an impressive defense which lasted late into the fourth quarter.
It is safe to say that the first half of the game was dominated by the Bantams. Although Williams held them to only to seven points, they were nonetheless able to lead against the Ephs by 9-6. The Bantams made an 83-yard drive during the first half that consisted of 19 plays on the drive which brought them to the Williams 27 yard line. Despite their consistent drives that made it to the red zone and their numerous attempts to get to the end zone, the Bantams were not able to connect a solid touch down during the first half. Early at the start of the third quarter the Williams quarterback Maimaron was able to connect a 45-yard pass to their sophomore wide receiver Frank Stola on the first drive that was able to place the Ephs in a dangerous spot in Trinity territory. On the next drive, Maimaron was yet again able to connect with Stola in the middle of the field which placed the score 19-9 against the Bantams. However, despite this slight setback the Bantams rallied on the next drive and went 68-yards, but unfortunately had a touchdown pass intercepted in the end zone.
Despite, the setbacks throughout the game the Bantams attempted to change the outcome of the game with an on-side kick with 1:03 on the clock during the fourth quarter. However, Williams was able to keep Trinity from connecting with the ball and it evidently bounced out of bounds and sealing the game at a 16-21 defeat for the Bantams.
Although this is a minor setback for the team it is critical to note that Trinity did outgain the Ephs 436-343, but a lack of complete passes in combination with ball turnovers gave the advantage to Williams. The Bantams are looking to move past this game as they face off against Hamilton College on October 6, 2018.

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