Letter to the Editor

The plaque on the canon closest to the Trinity College Chapel.
Courtesy of Gregory Barison ’74, P ’04.

While enjoying my 45th Reunion this summer, I took a look at the plaque on the cannon that is closer to the Chapel, a picture of which is attached.

Trinity should not be honoring those who fought for the Confederacy, whose central purpose was the preservation of human bondage.

That some Trinity men believed in, fought and died for the “Plantation Masters” does not warrant their being honored along- side those who risked all to save the Union and demolish slavery.

After all, I am sure that many German soldiers in WWII died for a cause in which they believed, but that doesn’t ennoble them, doesn’t entitle them to be remembered at the same time we recall those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defeat Nazism. The plaque should be removed.

-Gregory Barison ’74 P’04

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