Editorial: Tripod Coverage of the Churchill Club

Throughout the semester, but particularly since Monday, the campus has been engrossed in the debate regarding the Churchill Club. The Tripod has extensively covered this conversation, but the official decision by the SGA to reject the Churchill Club occurred after the paper’s print run ended for the semester. Since that initial announcement, the campus has erupted in debate surrounding both this club and the response of the administration.
Covering the Churchill Club throughout the semester has been difficult. The Tripod, in its commitment to traditional journalism, must balance a fine line between serving as a unbiased resource while also respecting the strong and diverse opinions of the editorial board, and also, the student body as a whole.
As the editor of the Tripod, I have noted the amount of outside media attention regarding this situation. This is a complicated story. In trying to cover it, as a student myself, I have been lacked the ability to completely convey the nuances of the process of SGA club recognition and the feelings of all students involved. Outside media sources must account for this if they choose to extensively cover this college protest.
Gillian Reinhard ’20

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