Over the Counter Adipex Alternatives: Diet Pills Like Phentermine OTC

Over the Counter Adipex Alternatives: Diet Pills Like Phentermine OTC

Adipex is a prescription weight loss pill for treating obesity. As with similar weight-management medicines, when doctors prescribe Adipex, they do so on the understanding that it be used alongside diet and exercise.

Although Adipex works for many people, its success rate is not 100%. The same is true for the other weight loss medicines available to people who are extremely overweight or obese.

Adipex is a weight loss medicine that has side effects. For this reason, a lot of people who have the opportunity to use it decline to do so and decide to use an over-the-counter (OTC) Adipex-P alternative instead.

Phentermine is the brand name for Adipex-P – there is a whole industry surrounding natural phentermine alternatives.

Best Over the Counter Phentermine Alternative – At a Glance:

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PhenQ – is regarded as the best Phentermine over the counter alternative.

PhenQ contains natural appetite suppressants that promote weight loss quickly, safely and permanently.

OTC weight loss supplements that work like Adipex are also popular with people who are struggling with weight issues but are unable to obtain the medicine via their doctors.

Many of the most popular and effective natural weight loss supplements for weight loss were created to function as safe alternatives to Adipex.

This article provides information about Adipex, explaining what it is and how it works. It also provides advice about choosing Adipex substitutes.

People who are seeking natural diet pills that work like Adipex have plenty of options to choose from. Although most of them are very poor, a few of the alternatives are reasonably good and will support weight loss without causing side effects like Adipex.

However, although it would only be a short list, we are not going to bombard you with information about several OTC Adipex-P alternatives. Instead, we will focus our efforts on the one that works best.

What Is Adipex?

Adipex is a popular brand of Phentermine diet pills. The drug is also marketed under many other names, but Adipex is one of the most commonly prescribed brands in the USA.

Phentermine is an amphetamine derivative and, like amphetamine (speed), the medicine can be addictive.

Regardless of the brand, Phentermine is only available on short-term prescriptions. It’s only approved for up to 12 weeks of use.

Adipex is used together with diet and exercise as an anti-obesity treatment for individuals who are struggling to lose weight via diet and exercise. Especially if they have additional health risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

There are a few weight loss supplements called Apidex and Addipex that are marketed as a natural phentermine alternative. These are not legitimate dietary supplements and should be avoided.

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How to Use Adipex

The doctor who prescribes Adipex (Phentermine diet pills) will decide on the dose and usage guidelines but people normally take this medicine once per day. Usually one to two hours before breakfast. However, doctors sometimes adjust the prescription to a smaller dose, taken before meals, three times a day.

It is important not to take Adipex too late in the day because it’s a stimulant that can interfere with sleep.

Adipex is also available in a sustained-release version. It’s normal to take this form once per day, before breakfast and at least 14 hours before going to bed.

It’s important to swallow the Adipex sustained-release capsules whole. Crushing or chewing them will interfere with the way the medicine works. It can also greatly increase the risk of side effects because the drug is likely to enter the blood all at once.

Adipex 37.5mg Dose

The dosage and treatment period is tailored to the patients’ condition. The way patients respond to the medicine is also an influencing factor. Doctors adjust the dose to find the amount that works best for their patients on an individual level.

To get the optimum benefits, patients need to take Adipex 37.5 regularly and avoid the temptation to skip or delay doses unless they are experiencing side effects. If side effects do become an issue, people who are using this medication will need to inform their doctor at once.

Adipex may cause withdrawal symptoms, such as severe fatigue or depression, when people stop using it suddenly. This is more likely to occur when they have been using the medicine for several weeks, especially in high doses.

Where possible, doctors may lower the daily dose gradually to try and prevent symptoms of Adipex withdrawal.

How Adipex Works

Adipex belongs to a class of medicines called anorectics. Medicines of this type are also known as appetite suppressants.

Appetite suppressants such as Adipex and its OTC alternatives, support the efforts you are already making with dieting by making it easier not to eat.

Most people who have become overweight enough to require the help of a weight-loss medicine or OTC weight management supplement are in the habit of eating a lot of food. In addition to consuming large portions at mealtimes, they may also have become accustomed to snacking or eating more than three meals a day.

When you become used to eating a lot of food, any attempt to reduce the volume and/or frequency generally results in hunger. In addition to being very unpleasant, hunger can be distracting. It’s hard to focus on everyday tasks when hunger is nagging in your belly.

It’s very easy to give in to hunger. That’s why so many dieters fail to lose weight. Any appetite suppressant, be it natural or chemical-based, that can successfully control hunger can make it much easier to stick to your guns and lose weight.

Adipex is a stimulant that suppresses hunger by activating the sympathetic nervous system. The human fight or flight impulse stems from this system and, by activating it, the medicine triggers the chemical and hormonal changes that occur in response to danger.

One of the things the fight or flight stress response does is turn off hunger. However, it does a lot of other things as well including pushing up blood pressure. Although hunger suppression can be very beneficial to people who need to lose weight, many of the other changes fight or flight causes are less desirable.

Adipex Side Effects

Not everyone who uses Adipex experiences side effects, but many people do. The range and severity of side effects can vary considerably from one person to the next.

Common Adipex-P side effects may include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Unpleasant tastes in the mouth
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • High blood pressure
  • Itchy skin
  • Stomach pain
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling irritable or restless
  • Changes in mood
  • Changes in bowel movement (diarrhea/constipation)
  • Loss of interest in sex

Serious Adipex side effects may include hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there), erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, and cardiovascular issues such as heart attack or stroke.

However, research published online in Obesity Research Journal in 2019 shows deaths due to the medicine are very rare (0.3% of 13,972 users). The researchers believe the data is supportive of using the medicine (Phentermine) for longer-term, among low-risk individuals.

With the potential for so many side effects, though, it’s not surprising such a lot of people feel easier about using OTC alternatives to Adipex instead.

The possibility of an allergic reaction also exists. People who experience breathing difficulties, hives, or swelling after taking Adipex will need to seek medical advice at once. Symptoms such as these often indicate an allergy to the Phentermine drug.

What the Research Shows on Adipex OTC

Researchers tend to use the generic form of Adipex (Phentermine) during studies, but this is not important. Adipex is a brand of Phentermine. It does not contain any additional active ingredients.

Although Phentermine diet pills are banned in many countries because the safety councils that regulate medications believe the potential benefits it provides don’t outweigh the risks, its use is permitted in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Phentermine has also been available in Korea since 2004.

Shortly after it became available in Korea, researchers evaluated the medicine’s ability to support weight loss, along with its potential to cause side effects.

Data from this study shows the participants who received Phentermine lost significantly more weight than the members of the placebo group.

Dry mouth and insomnia were the only statistically significant side effects.

However, there were only 68 participants and some of them were taking the placebo. Bearing in mind the fact severe reactions to Phentermine appear to only affect a low percentage of users, it may have been advantageous to see data collected from a much larger study group.

There are also many articles and critiques online that suggest using a phentermine over the counter alternative is a better weight loss pill than Adipex-P.

Adipex P Pros & Cons

Here are a few positives and negatives before using Adipex-P. The negatives may point you towards using a phentermine otc alternative instead.


  • Research-backed appetite suppressant
  • FDA-Approved prescription medication
  • Works well for most people


  • Only available for short-term use
  • Requires a prescription
  • Can be addictive
  • Has many known side effects

Best OTC Adipex Alternative

The best Adipex-P alternative is PhenQ. As the name suggests, it was developed to be a safe and effective Phentermine alternative.

Instead of a weight loss drug, PhenQ provides a blend of natural ingredients (Capsimax, green tea extract) that work together to destroy appetite and offer additional help to people who want to lose weight.

Although many other supplement manufacturers have developed natural alternatives to Phentermine, none of them have proved to be such a roaring success.

Since its launch, PhenQ has already helped more than 190,000 men and women to lose weight. PhenQ also boasts reasonable pricing, has free international shipping, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Needless to say, these things have also contributed to the weight loss pills success.

PhenQ Natural Adipex Alternative

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Like Adipex, PhenQ is a pill. However, because it does not present the same health risks as the medicine, the supplement dose does not need to be tailored to individual responses. Everyone only needs to take one tablet, two times per day.

PhenQ Benefits

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Increases energy and fights fatigue
  • Accelerates metabolism for faster fat burning
  • Suppresses fat cell formation
  • Enhances mood

As you can see, PhenQ is more versatile than Adipex. It does a lot more than suppress appetite. That’s another one of the reasons for its success. Why chip away at a problem using a carpenter’s hammer when you can use a sledgehammer instead?

One of the most interesting differences between PhenQ and Adipex is the way it affects the mind. The medication has the potential to cause depression, but PhenQ contains ingredients that can put you in a better frame of mind. Dieting can be quite a depressing business so it’s great that the supplement can provide this type of help.

PhenQ Weight Loss Pills Overview

PhenQ contains several natural ingredients that enhance weight loss:

a-Lacys Reset: A high-potency combination of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine that enhances weight loss by boosting metabolism. Research shows that, in addition to delivering notable increases in fat loss, a-Lacys Reset also supports increases in muscle mass, helping to keep your metabolism high for the long term.

Nopal Extract: A versatile cactus extract that’s high in fiber and amino acids. Although nopal is traditionally used as a hunger suppressant, research shows it further reduces calorie intake by blocking the absorption of dietary fats.


Capsimax: A patented ingredient that consists of capsicum, piperine, caffeine, niacin (vitamin B3), and piperine. Capsicum is the key component. It’s a red pepper extract with proven capabilities both as an appetite suppressant and as a metabolism booster.

Caffeine Anhydrous: A popular stimulant that’s renowned for its ability to increase energy and enhance mental focus. Caffeine is also a research-backed metabolism booster that’s present in many diet pill formulations.

L-Carnitine Fumarate: An amino acid derivative that helps your body convert fat to energy and also offers protection against diet-related fatigue.

Why People Often Choose PhenQ Over Adipex

There’s no mystery why PhenQ is so popular. Not only does it make weight loss easier by controlling hunger, but it also speeds up the fat loss process by increasing metabolism. Add the fact that it does these things without presenting any of the side effects many Adipex users have to endure and it’s easy to see the attraction.

PhenQ also has something else going for it -people can use it for as long as they require its help. Adipex-P is only available short term. Weight loss can be a long process, so this is not a great situation. Again, it’s easy to understand why PhenQ is such a popular substitute.

Adipex Over The Counter Conclusion

Adipex 37.5 is a prescription weight loss medication available to some people who require help to overcome obesity. Its main value is as an appetite suppressant. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, it is effective for most users.

Unfortunately, there is a fly in the ointment. Adipex is also capable of causing some very undesirable side effects. That’s one of the main reasons natural alternatives to Adipex-P have become so popular.

Although there are numerous OTC alternatives to Adipex-P, PhenQ is the superior weight loss pill. More than 190,000 people have lost weight with PhenQ and it even has a money-back guarantee.

Adipex OTC FAQ’s

What are the best Adipex and phentermine alternatives?

There are several natural weight loss supplements that can suppress appetite and reduce food cravings just as well the prescription weight loss medication. PhenQ is arguably the pick of the over the counter phentermine alternatives. PhenQ can reduce appetite, decrease sugar cravings and also burn body fat.

How to get Adipex Pills?

The only way is via doctor prescription. Your doctor may prescribe Adipex 37.5 if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is over 27 and you are considered obese. If you are not eligible for a prescription then a phentermine over the counter alternative is an option.

How do I buy Adipex-P or phentermine over the counter?

The easiest way to purchase good otc phentermine alternatives is to order online directly from the manufacturers website.