College is Students’ Time to Discover their Passions

Most people have the wrong idea about college. Many believe that it is a time to jumpstart your career; to discover the immediate occupation that will lead to monetary benefits. But when did we start equating money to joy and lifelong fulfillment?
When I first arrived at Trinity, my mind was bombarded with influences from numerous people in my life. “Become a nurse!” “Go to law school!” “Work for the state!” So naturally, I researched careers and majors at Trinity that would fit these molds. I looked at Biology, Public Policy and Law, Political Science, and Economics. However, while researching the requirements for these majors, I became fatigued. This wasn’t because of the time spent on my computer, rather, it was because none of these majors truly excited me. For some Trinity students, these majors call to them. They feel such a strong attachment to a certain major, and know in their hearts that this path is for them. Yet, how many Trinity students exercise these desires?
This semester, I took Analyzing Schools, which is the introductory class to the Educational Studies program. A portion of the class requires students to volunteer at a nearby school. I am at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (HMTCA), on Broad Street. I was nervous at first, yet, it soon became one of my favorite activities, and one that was truly fulfilling. Seeing the smiling faces of Ms. Manke’s sixth grade writing class is a type of euphoria that will never fade. Receiving a hug from some students after they leave for the day erases all worries and struggles circulating in my life. Watching the lightbulb emerge when a child finally understands a concept, or has an idea for their writing, never ceases to fill my heart with joy. That’s the thing about this activity. It doesn’t just give me a temporary happiness that is easily replaced or diminished. It satisfies my heart. I cannot shake the feeling even when I am not working in the classroom. It is extremely addictive, but in the best and healthiest way possible, and that is when I made my decision, despite being a freshman. I want to major in Educational Studies.
I love examining the problems in education and brainstorming ways to fix them. I love the pure excitement of working at HMTCA. I love aiding in the expansion of a child’s mind, and teaching them more than just a lesson plan. I love showing them the potential they have inside,and allowing them to know that they can do anything they set their minds to. There will be setbacks, tears, and a copious number of frustrations. However, if they work hard, they grow into inherently good people, and seek helpful mentors in their life, then they can conquer any task they desire. This is a message I want to pass on to Trinity students. There are many opportunities and majors here. It would not be conducive to ignore a class or major you might be interested in, since it may cultivate into a passion. Not taking that chance because of fear, doubt, or worry about disappointing parents or the people around you will only leave you with regrets.
Educational Studies may not be the major my family, or even myself imagined, yet, I took a chance on an introductory class, and now I know what true fulfillment feels like. Our hearts are forever with us while money fades. Happiness is temporary, yet joy is everlasting. If the major you are in doesn’t satisfy you, pick a different one. If you love dance, education, science, math, social studies, pursue that subject to the fullest. You are given this one incredible life. Wasting it by being trapped in a career that is unfulfilling in your mind will only lead to a miserable life.
Regardless of the job, you will be fine. You will be able to provide. You will be able to make ends meet. But most of all, you will live a life of joy. Trinity, in my opinion, embodies this mentality greatly. They don’t encourage you to major in the most lucrative subject, rather, they want you to find yourself and your passion and run with it. College isn’t about finding a job. It is about finding yourself, and who you are as a person, your sole identity that will ignite change in the world around you, fueling a fire inside of you that perpetually burns. I may just be a naivefreshman, but I know one thing for sure. I know that I need to work to ensure education is fair and equitable to all, and what better way to do that than take advantage of the opportunities here at Trinity.

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