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As students are preparing for their midterms and the second half of the semester is about to begin, many also turn to the Career Development Center (CDC) for guidance in securing internships and jobs. Although there are not many events taking place at the CDC this semester, will soon be available for important events in the following semester.

The relationship manager at the Career Development Center, Victoria Sandoval, and the assistant director, Brett Boudreaux, expressed enthusiasm regarding the events taking place in a few months.

The first event will take place during winter break. It is the Job Shadow Program, which is available  to all students, but  geared toward first-years and sophomores. Students are matched with alumni to shadow at their place of work. This program provides opportunities for students to become more aware of what jobs are available and to help them reach a decision on what major or career path they want to take. Applications for the Job Shadow Program will be available in mid-November.

There will be two recruiting consortia available for seniors, one to take place in New York City on Jan. 8 and the other to take place on Feb. 26 in Boston. Seniors who attend a session will have the opportunity to have interviews with several employers all in one day, while also enjoying a trip to a major city. Sign-ups are available immediately.

On Jan. 21 and 22, seniors are welcome to participate in the Bantams and Beyond Program, where they come back to campus early to listen to alumni speakers and take part in workshops that give them skills to adjust to life after college. The program is available for all seniors, whether they are struggling with their future plans or are further in the process of preparation.

On Feb. 6, first-years can participate in the “Exploring Your Options” workshop, which is a one-day exploration of possible career pathways. It helps students figure out what major might be most fitting for each individual, and students will be shown how a career path is often far from linear.

As students make their way through college, it is often difficult to plan for the future. The job market outside of school is undoubtedly harsh, and the prospect of times to come can be daunting. Trinity’s response has been to encourage students to begin assessing their skills and professional preferences as early as possible. By taking action early, students may well be able to make their job search less stressful and difficult down the road.

As many students come to realize, the four years of college go by very quickly and the job search process starts almost as early as their first-year. In order to stay competitive in the job market, the CDC urges students to come in and meet with a staff member to begin the process and to make the most of the resources available to them as they plan for their careers and lives outside of college.

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