Trinity’s Incoming Class Numbers 610, Including Deferred Admission; International Students Offered Flexible Options

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Kat Namon ’22

Managing Editor

Trinity College’s Class of 2024 was announced last week, totaling 610 students. That total includes those who have deferred admission and constitutes a higher percentage of admitted students than in past years. Because of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the College will be permitting some students to begin their time at Trinity at other institutions and is encouraging flexibility in the coming year for admitted students. 

The Tripod spoke with Dean of Admissions Adrienne Oddi following the College’s announcement on June 3 about how the increase in the number of admitted students would impact the College’s decisions around public health at the campus in light of the coronavirus. Oddi assured the Tripod that although the numbers may seem higher than past years, they are “very much in line with where we have been at this time in previous years.” She also spoke to the reasoning behind admitting a high number of students, adding that the admissions decisions were made to ensure that the College “will have a vibrant community of learners at Trinity in the fall.” 

Among these accepted students, 35 different states are represented as are 71 countries. The College’s incoming class is 51% women and 49% men. It was not clear how many of the 610 students accepted were deferring their admission or if all had indicated an intention to do so. 

Options will be available to some international students in the Class of 2024, in addition to currently enrolled Trinity students, to study in their respective countries given shifting circumstances regarding travel. In an email from President of the College Joanne Berger-Sweeney on June 12, students in China, who may face travel restrictions in the fall, were offered the option of spending their first Trinity semester at Fudan University. This is part of an effort by the College to expand its long-standing partnership by launching a Special Semester in Shanghai, according to the email. 

Oddi told the Tripod that the College wants all students to have the opportunity to attend Trinity “in a place that feels comfortable and accessible.” She added that this is hopefully a “temporary solution,” and that when students from China are able to return to Hartford, “we will welcome them with open arms as we will with all of our students.” It was not immediately clear if similar opportunities or programs would be offered to international students in other countries, though the President did commit to flexibility in the fall semester. 

“These options are still being discussed,” Oddi added. Oddi also indicated that the admissions team is working “closely with academic affairs and student affairs to develop robust options for students who are not able to get to Hartford next year.” According to Oddi, the academic calendar released by Berger-Sweeney aims to permit more flexibility for students and faculty in terms of in-person and online class options. 


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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