Student Success Program to take place on Trinity Days

As students at Trinity begin their next semester, some may feel apprehension about the years to come. If the transition from high school to college was not exhilarating enough, the transition from college to a life of career choices induces even more anxiety.
The Trinity Career Development Center holds a workshop every year to help sophomores (and now juniors) gain a better sense of what they should prepare for. The Bantam Student Success Program, formerly called the Bantam Sophomore Success Program, has been a workshop provided by the career development office since 2009.
The program will take place from Oct. 11-13, over Trinity Days. The first day is just a dinner, while the second day is the “nuts and bolts” of career development, as Assistant Director of the Career Development Center, Bret Boudreaux, described it. “Students will have resume and cover letter workshops, they will learn how to put together their narrative and will learn interview skills.”
On the final day, there will be 16 different panels with 45 Trinity alumnae, providing information about “everything from food and hospitality to financial consulting to research careers to the fine arts,” Boudreaux stated.
Sophomores and juniors have separate programs so that the event is not repetitive for those who participated in the previous year. For example, juniors get a LinkedIn workshop.
“[The Student Success Program] is for everyone; you don’t need to have done anything up to this point to attend, but if you have already started working on your career path, this program is a also great way to finalize your resumes and to explore all different careers,” Boudreaux explained.
There is no application to participate, but there is a cap on the number of students participating. It runs on a first come first serve basis. All sophomores and juniors are welcome to sign up.
Interested students can sign up on the Career Development Center’s website. The deadline for registration is Sept. 24. Punctuality is important as a fee wil be charged for no-show registrants.

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