SGA Election Results Announced for 2019-2020

Shawn Olstein ’22
Staff Writer

On Tuesday April 9, the SGA announced the results of the SGA elections for four executive board positions and three class president positions. The four newly elected executive board members are: Trinna Larsen ’20 as SGA President, Erick Pena ’21 as SGA Vice President in the fall of 2019 and Felicia McDevitt ’21 in the Spring of 2020, Hunter Savery ’20 as SGA VP of Finance, and Jack Stone ’22 as SGA VP of Communications. The class presidents elected to serve next year are Aaron Supple as President of the Class of 2020, Lucemy Perez as President of the Class of 2021, and Jordan Lewis as the President of the Class of 2022.

As the newly elected Vice President of Finance, Hunter Savery ’20 told the Tripod of his plans to increase the efficiency and transparency of the SAF club allocation process. He continued on to state, “I will work with clubs and organizations to better help them manage their budget and will ensure that the budget is fairly distributed.” Savery also explained his goal to educate the Trinity community on how the SGA’s Budget Committee operates, and how to best apply for funding. Echoing a common concern on campus, Savery stated his desire to pursue new policies that would require all clubs to disclose outside funding sources before applying for SAF funding.

VP of Communications Jack Stone told the Tripod of his goals to renew and revamp the role of the VP of Communications stating that in the past the position, “has not been utilized to its full capacity.” Stone continued on to describe his goals in this new role.These include “overhauling the SGA website and social media as well as working in close proximity with the Office of the Communications and the administration to foster more communication and clarity in important actions that the school is taking.” Furthermore, Stone emphasized his role as the youngest member of the SGA executive board, emphasizing his desire to give a voice for the first-year and sophomore members of SGA, which he felt were often overlooked or ignored.

McDevitt, who will serve as SGA Vice President in the spring semester after returning from a term abroad, told the Tripod of her goals to bridge the divide between the SGA and students. McDevitt continued on to state, “I believe that SGA needs to be more representative and reflective of the diverse student body that we have on campus.” As a part of her goal to connect SGA with the student body, McDevitt described a desire to uphold open meeting policies and bringing SGA directly to student organizations to increase accessibility.

In the wake of the recent elections, SGA president for the 2018-2019 school year Kristina Miele ’19 expressed her confidence in next year’s SGA executive board stating “I believe that next year the SGA will continue our initiatives from this past year as well as pursue new goals as they are raised by the Student Body.” Miele advised the board to hear from as many student voices as possible across campus, and to work towards getting continues feedback from students through a multi-channel approach.

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