SGA Discusses Potential Options to Replace Goldberg’s


The Student Government Association (SGA) convened on Sunday, Dec. 2, to discuss committee updates, meetings with other campus organizations such as EROS and iHouse, and ways in which Trinity could make better use of the Vernon Social Center as a hub for student life in the absence of Goldberg’s On Campus.

SGA listened to updates from the Transportation Committee and the Sustainability Committee. SGA Vice President Lexi Zanger ‘19 represented the Transportation Committee in her meeting with Dean Joe DiChristina regarding the possible expansion of the U-Pass Program. The program may be restructured so that the U-Pass Program will accommodate state-wide traveling costs for students. SGA will possible consider an increase in the Student Activities Fee (SAF) by $20.00 to facilitate the expansion of this program. However, SGA did not take action on this item and financing discussions remain ongoing. The Sustainability Committee provided an update on their discussions about offering discounts at Peter B’s and The Underground Coffeehouse if one brings their own reusable cup or mug. The Sustainability Committee also discussed their advancements on instituting campus-wide composting, with composting now taking place in the back of the house at Mather Hall, the Cave, and the Bistro. In the spring, post-consumer composting will be offered in Trinity’s dining halls as well.

SGA President Kristina Miele ‘19 discussed her meeting with the International House (iHouse) and Encouraging Respect of Sexualities (EROS). Miele added that during the discussions, the issue of feeling unwelcome was raised by LGBTQ+ students, prompting the discussion of possible alternative housing options for queer students. Miele also described the dilapidated state of the iHouse,

The SGA also met with Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer Dan Hitchell to discuss ways in which to fill the void left by the absence of Goldberg’s On Campus. The Student Government offered ideas to Hitchell that they believe could popularize Vernon Social and positively impact its use. SGA suggestions stressed the importance of having food options on the weekends, the additions of table games such as pool and ping pong, and potential access to community cooking areas. SGA also suggested that student offices and other spaces currently vacant in Vernon Social could be occupied to increase the space’s daily use. The SGA emphasized the importance of food offerings as essential to increasing foot traffic.

Lastly, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) was approved by the Student Government on Nov. 15, 2018.

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