Rush start brings new life to Greek System

Greek Rush began last evening and will continue throughout the week.  Tonight marks the second and final night of the formal recruitment process in which all potential new members (PNM’s) make a visit to each house, tomorrow evening the PNM’s will be able to choose which houses they would like to visit based on invitations.  From any point Sept. 24 on, the Fraternities and Sororities can issue their bids, up until Sept. 28 , however Fraternities and Sororities cannot register the usual weekend social events until the bids are given as rush is an alcohol free process. The Associate Director of Student Services for Social Houses, and the Greek organizations, Timothy Dunn, has been hard at work over the past year. According to Dunn, there has been exceptional progress in many areas of the Trinity Greek System, “ GPA’s are up, there have been more faculty involved events, the Greek community has excelled at philanthropy as well as created more opportunities for non-traditional collaboration,” said Dunn.
Although he did note that there have been great improvements in behavioral compliance in the past year, he acknowledges that there is still room for improvement.  “We have  work to do, but, that being said, there is nothing extra going on in the Greek houses,” Dunn commented. “It is challenging when campus wide issues are solely attributed to the Greek community.”
As the new formal rush process begins all the Greek organizations are excited to focus on Chapter Development. With President Berger Sweeney’s recent announcement of her request that the Board of Trustees endorse the elimination of the Coed- Policy, the chapters can focus on meeting national requirements to maintain their charters. Other areas of focus include, exceeding the college GPA and involvement expectations as well as fostering a more inclusive community.  After final bids are due, the Greek organizations have ten days to initiate new members, just as they did last year. Initiation will be complete by Oct. 9, and will be followed up with a mandatory new member training on Oct. 13, where each new member will be re educated on hazing, alcohol and drug policies, behavior and academic expectations, as well as a Bystander Intervention Training.

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