GREENFest Held, Sustainability Coordinator Promised

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Courtesy of Green Campus

GREENFest, organized by Green Campus, was the first event of its kind at Trinity, an all-afternoon celebration and promotion of sustainability at the College. The event featured various booths that each promoted environmental protection from an international to local level. Attendees were treated to various giveaways, treats, and speeches from ConnPIRG Chapter Chair and SGA Sustainability Liaison Trinna Larsen ’20, SGA President Emily Claytor ’18, and President Joanne Berger-Sweeney.
President Berger-Sweeney’s speech culminated in the announcement of a full-time sustainability coordinator at the College. This full-time position is the first ever at Trinity. Vice President of Finance and Operations Dan Hitchell confirmed this to the Tripod and added that the Sustainability Committee is currently reviewing the proposed job description. Mr. Hitchell also added that no coordinator has been presently selected. “We are excited and pleased to have a coordinator who can serve in a full-time capacity,” commented Mr. Hitchell. The coordinator is expected to work under the Finance and Operations Department and “will work with student groups and administrators to help coordinate student-led efforts surrounding sustainability.”

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