Administration Designates End of Vernon St. Lot Alcohol Free

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Earlier today the Tripod reached out to Joe DiChristina, Dean of Campus Life and Vice President for Student Affairs, for comment on allegations that this year’s homecoming would be alcohol free. In an email response to the Tripod, DiChristina wrote that, “the location at the end of Vernon is being designated as an alcohol free space. We have not made any other changes to Homecoming and where people can tailgate.” “The location at the end of Vernon” refers to the parking lot next to the field hockey field.
When asked about the administration’s reasoning behind the decision DiChristina wrote, “Last year many of the students that were consuming alcohol were underage and it is a safety issue.”
Students will receive a notice Friday with information on how to sign up for the alcohol free tailgate at Vernon.
In his initial response, DiChristina did not respond to the Tripod’s following questions:
Did you talk to any students or alumni when crafting the proposal? Why or why not?
Have the feelings of parents and alumni been taken into consideration?
What discussions have there been so far with different constituencies on campus?

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