A Roundup of Hartford’s Mayoral Candidates for the Upcoming 2023 Fall Elections

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Savannah Brooks ’26

News Editor

Election season is coming up! Many Trinity College students vote in Hartford elections, so The Tripod is providing a guide on all the mayoral candidates since current Mayor Luke Bronin isn’t seeking a third term. Each major candidate that has announced their bid is described below. 

Arunan Arumlampalam 

Arumlampalam is the CEO of the Hartford Land Bank, a non-profit that flips abandoned properties and sells them. Some of his biggest plans so far include creating a fund for Hartford residents starting small businesses or buying Hartford homes, holding out-of-state slumlords accountable, and keeping schools open past the end of the school day. He is also a graduate of Quinnipiac Law School and worked as Deputy Commissioner for the State Department of Consumer Protection. 

Eric Coleman 

Eric Coleman, the first candidate to announce his run, is a University of Connecticut School of Law graduate who has served as a CT state representative, a CT state senator, and a Connecticut Superior Court Judge. Coleman has supported repealing the death penalty, decriminalizing possessing small amounts of marijuana, and mutual housing. 

Renardo Dunn, Jr. 

Renardo Dunn, Jr. is a pastor and a Hartford resident. His biggest goals are to support Hartford youth and to bring “opportunities” to Hartford. 

John Fonfara 

John Fonfara is a lifetime Hartford resident who has served as a CT state representative and currently serves as a state senator. Fonfara’a largest focus is on alleviating poverty in Hartford. He also aims to create education programs for children younger than five and improve education in the city overall. Fonfara received his Master’s degree in Public Policy and Law at Trinity. 

Tracy Funnye 

Tracy Funnye is a lifetime Hartford resident. Her biggest focuses include alleviating homelessness and reducing gun violence. 

Giselle Jacobs 

Giselle Jacobs is a veteran of the U.S. Army and a lifetime Hartford resident. Jacobs is the founder of the Children of Color Organization, Inc., a grassroots organization that aims to provide support to children and other loved ones of the incarcerated. Jacobs’ biggest focuses include making school budgets transparent, making Hartford housing more affordable, creating paid apprenticeship programs, and reforming the police. 

Nick Lebron IDP ’10 M ’17 

Nick Lebron is a lifetime Hartford resident and a product of the Hartford public school system. Lebron is a city councilman and a community basketball coach. He is also the operations manager and community partnership manager for Catholic Charities. He wants to build a strong relationship with the police and focus on enhancing the community. 

Stan McCauley 

Stan McCauley is a Hartford resident and Access TV broadcaster. He has run for Hartford mayor several times. McCauley’s top priorities are “education and youth development,” “communications,” “mission-driven collaborations working outside of our silos,” “public safety/quality of life,” and “economic and community development.” He also aims to establish close relationships with residents and community leaders. 

The primary election for the mayoral race will be held on September 12, 2023. The general election will be held on November 7, 2023. The filing deadline is August 9, 2023. To become a poll worker for this election cycle, visit ct.gov. You must be at least 16 to apply. To check your voter registration status, visit vote.org.

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