Is Cuban Chain Fashionable? 5 Masculine Fashion Trends

Is Cuban Chain Fashionable? 5 Masculine Fashion Trends

Cuban chains have been popular for decades. They became a hot commodity around the 80s when rappers started wearing them.

Soon after, professional athletes wore them while playing and when they appeared for public outings. Then there was a trickle-down effect on the rest of society.

Cuban chains are still popular today because of the specific status they represent. But before buying one, you might be asking yourself if they’re still fashionable.

They are, and wearing a Cuban chain will make any outfit you wear a masterpiece. Read on for more insight on these fashion trends that will make you an icon.

First Things First: Who Can Wear Cuban Chains?

You may think that Cuban chains are for particular people. But that’s certainly not the case. Anyone who wants to upgrade their wardrobe can wear a Cuban chain.

It doesn’t matter what you think your status is in society; if you’re trying to make yourself feel better and stand out amongst your peers, get a Cuban.

But when you decide to buy one, you’ll have to consider a few things, such as:

  • Your chain’s preferred length and width
  • What occasions you’re going to wear it for
  • How often you’ll wear it
  • How you’ll manage the upkeep

Once you figure out these things, you’ll be rocking your Cuban chain in no time.

What are the Popular Cuban Chain Trends?

After grabbing your new chain, you’ll probably struggle with your decision-making. That’s understandable; having a Cuban link can be overwhelming when you’re unsure what to do with it.

However, a few popular trends can help your chain be the focal point of your outfit. Let’s take a look at some below:

1. Solo Necklace Cuban

Your first Cuban chain will likely be solo, which is fine because you can rock it with anything. For example, if you’re going out for a date, you can wear it with a solid color t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

You can also wear it with your go-to outfit heading to the club, so you have a higher chance of the bouncer letting you in. Finally, add a little flair to your work outfits by making your Cuban chain visible underneath your collared shirt.

In the wintertime, you can wear a longer chain over your sweater or turtleneck to keep it away from your neck. Of course, you can do the same with a hoodie as well.

If you want to, you can wear your Cuban chain while playing sports—like professional athletes. Just be sure to give it a good clean once you’re done. The chain will help your outfit stand out regardless of your fashion choices.

2. The Choker

For those who prefer smaller chains, you can always choose a Cuban choker. Unlike the necklace style, these chains fit snuggly around your neck.

They go best with plain outfits because anything else will take away from the jewelry’s appeal. So if you decide to wear this type of chain, always go with solid colors or clothing with a high neckline, such as turtlenecks.

3. Cuban Chain With a Pendant

Some people like their Cuban links plain, with no attachments. But if you like, you can also get them with a pendant. They are better suited for shorter chains because they look weird on longer ones.

However, the main goal of adding a pendant is to enhance your chain’s flair and add a little representation of yourself. Think about a charm that best identifies you and connect it with your chain to make it yours truly.

4. Layering Your Chain

As you become more adept at the art of wearing Cuban chains, you’ll likely want to experiment with different lengths and widths. But what if you have a tough time choosing between your favorites?

You don’t have to decide one over the other; you can layer them for an enhanced look. Try various combinations to see which chain sizes complement your outfits.

5. Match It With Your Accessories

One reason why Cuban chains continue to be popular is that you can wear them without other accessories. But they’re also popular because they can help your accessories stand out.

Pair them with a bracelet, ring, or earrings for more pop. Another way to increase your fashion sense is ensuring your accessories have the same metal finish all around to give you a cleaner look.

Try Out These Fashion Trends With Your Cuban Chain

As you can see, there are various ways you can style your Cuban chain. For example, you can wear it by itself, layer it with other chains, and with a pendant or additional accessories.

Also, because of its versatility, you can wear it with any outfit. So try various combinations to see which best suits your style and take your fashion to the next level.