How to Reduce Pet Stress and Anxiety: 6 Simple Ways

How to Reduce Pet Stress and Anxiety: 6 Simple Ways

When you welcome a new pet into your home, they will be experiencing some big changes. So of course it makes sense that they may experience some serious stress while adjusting to their new life.

While it is of course a happy occasion, many pets—especially ones who have been rescued—have likely just come from some pretty traumatic experiences. From bad owners to being homeless, some pets have had it rough before they met you.

Naturally, they will have developed anxiety, stress, and fear. So what can you do as their new owner?

Well, first, keep in mind that relationships take time to create. Your new pet will be in a completely new environment in which all the sights, sounds, and even smells are unfamiliar. Plus, they will equally have to get used to new people and maybe some other new animals too.

It can take quite a while for pets to start to feel truly comfortable and relaxed. But there are also numerous additional ways you can help with that. From giving them pet cbd to providing reassurance through body language, we are sharing the simple ways to reduce your pet’s stress and anxiety levels.

1. Help Them Create New Memories

Pets are known to have long-term memories. So while they may not be able to easily forget about their traumas of the past, you can help them create new happy memories. One of the best ways to do this is by associating food with positive experiences. When they do something good that deserves a reward, give them a treat. Or make part of your morning routine with them by filling up their food dish and giving them fresh water. These simple acts of care go a long way to calming your pet down.

2. Give Your Pet Reassurance

Another way to help reduce their stress levels is by making them feel super comfortable in their new home. Get your pet a nice and cozy bed full of blankets and plush toys. This little area can become their safe haven and where they can retreat when they get frightened or scared. You can really make this a space that they can own and feel like they truly belong in your home.

3. Try Pet CBD

Sometimes pets need a little bit of extra help to calm down. CBD is something that helps many humans find a sense of relaxation, so why not give it a try with your pet too? There is actually a special pet CBD that has been created with this in mind and many other pet owners have found a ton of success from it. In fact, you and your pet could enjoy a bit of CBD together at the same time.

4. Develop a Bond

One of the biggest triggers of stress for pets is being alone. Many pets go through separation anxiety when their owner leaves them at home. A new way to combat this is by being able to still talk to your pet through pet cameras that are linked to your phone. Even the simple soothing sound of your voice can help them calm down a tremendous amount. In general, though, you also want to make sure that you develop a healthy bond and your pet gets used to being without you from the beginning so that it does not become a traumatic event when that time for you to leave the house without them does come.

5. Give Them a Cuddle

Pets are very similar to humans, especially in their response to touch. Pets are comforted by a cuddle or by you rubbing their head or belly. If you notice that your pet seems a bit anxious, take some time to connect with them through touch and snuggle up with them for a few minutes. Chances are they will experience an instant sense of relief.

6. Prepare to Adapt

Every pet is different. So there is no one-fits-all solution for actually helping them overcome their anxiousness or fear. In fact, you should be prepared to try multiple solutions before finding one that actually works. And that is totally okay. Just be patient, adaptable, and determined to provide your pet with the comfort that they deserve.


As pet owners, there is no denying our love for our furry friends. They bring so much joy into our lives that we want to ultimately return the favor to them too. But it can be really challenging when you notice that your pet is anxious and stressed.

This is where trying these six simple solutions can make a world of difference. From giving them pet CBD to taking time to just cuddle with them, you can drastically reduce their anxiety and keep them feeling good and happy.

With so many great options to try, what one will you test out on your pet next?