The Tripod Highlights TrinCycle: Crescent Street 76H’s Fun and Health Tradition

Olivia Caime ’23

Contributing Writer

Voluntary dietary restrictions, fitness classes, juice cleanses, and intermediate fasting are only a handful of some of today’s crazes. More and more people are diving into the world of healthy eating and working out. Attending college presents students with many complications when attempting to maintan a healthy lifestyle. Finding better options in Mather can be difficult for sure, however, Trinity has been taking steps to help students to sustain their healthy lifestyle.

With activities such as yoga, Zumba, and rock climbing, students can find an activity that best suits them. Among student favorites is TrinCycle, a cycling class. The classes are held in Crescent 76H Monday through Friday from 5-6 p.m. To make each class different and as exciting as the first, there are multiple student instructors.

Some instructors conduct their class to throwback music or hip-hop, while others play the hits of today. The intensity of the class varies as well. Each instructor has their own cycling routine and encouraging words to keep you going. Due to its popularity, students should arrive at least ten minutes early to ensure they can get a bike—the class fills up extremely fast.

While TrinCycle is known on-campus for its high intensity, cycling also allows students to undertake an individualized workout. Students can adjust the bike resistance as well as the weight of the dumbbells used for the arms. “I love TrinCycle because of the good energy and how everyone is working out together but you aren’t competing with each other, just yourself,” stated Alexandra Boursican ’23. 

According to an article posted by Time, spinning is high on the list of high-intensity workouts. There is a laundry list of benefits: it has been proven to improve body composition, decrease fat mass, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Cycling and spin classes have been proven to have several benefits, including decreased stress and body fat levels as well as increased cardiovascular fitness and joint mobility. 

Last Saturday, students participated in TriCycle for Science. While Trincycle is usually offered for free, this event charged participants to help Tri-Beta (Trinity’s chapter of the Biology Honor Society) send local students to a science camp this upcoming summer. Prizes were awarded to the participant who rode the furthest in the competition as well as the best team theme. 

For students looking to maintain their physical and mental health, TrinCycle is a great option on our small campus.

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