Senior Spotlight: Maggie Powers Pursuing Graduate Degree

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Olivia Papp ’23 

Managing Editor

Maggie Powers ’23 has been a curious, intelligent, and thoughtful student throughout her time at Trinity. An American Studies major, Powers has decided to take her education to the next level by pursuing a master’s degree through Trinity’s five-year program. According to Trinity’s Accelerated B.S./M.A. and B.A./M.A. website, Trinity offers this learning opportunity for “superior undergraduate students in American Studies or History to receive a B.A. in American Studies or History and an M.A. in American Studies. In providing an efficient path for completing two degrees in five years, the program is designed to jump-start professional development.”

Powers loves to learn. From the start of her sophomore year, she could see herself teaching or continuing her education after her undergraduate degree. “I loved the dynamic of American Studies and all of the interesting classes I could take within the American Studies department. Through American Studies curriculums, I found myself becoming interested in digital humanities. For example, I love podcasting. Curating Conversations with Professor Camp was my first graduate class that I took here at Trinity, and it bridged the theoretical analysis of so many themes I have learned about in American Studies classes. Theories that I learned throughout these classes inspired me to further my education and begin to approach my master’s theses with the goal of incorporating digital humanities as a mode of storytelling,” she said.  

The professors were welcoming and encouraging from the moment Powers decided she wanted to pursue a master’s degree. “I am very excited to continue working with the American Studies department as I enter my fifth and final year at Trinity next fall. Walking away from my time at Trinity, I hope to further my education and obtain a PhD in American Studies with the hopes of one day giving back by being a professor and motivating students the way my professors motivated and encouraged me,” she said.

From the start, Powers has known that she wanted to major in American Studies. “The material I was learning was very relevant in the world and… I felt I needed to be learning about [this material].” American Studies is a split between History and English, which are both topics that Powers is passionate about.

An adventurous young woman, Powers decided to attend Trinity College because the Global Start program at Trinity was especially unique. “I had an unconventional start to Trinity College, as I participated in the Global Start program,” she said. The Global Start program is designed as an opportunity for first-year students to engage in a study-away experience at San José, Costa Rica. According to the Trinity Reporter, this experience ultimately gives these students a chance to “immerse themselves in another country’s culture in their very first semester of college.” This semester-long program allowed Powers to have a great start to her undergraduate career while also allowing her the space to connect with life-long friends and push her outside of her comfort zone.

“I knew I wanted to go abroad, and this was a great opportunity to do so early on in my undergraduate career. Costa Rica sounded like a great place to kick off my college career, and I am so happy I did so,” noted Powers. 

“My favorite aspect of Trinity has been the people that Trinity has brought me, including my friends and the American Studies department. The American Studies department is extremely supportive each step, filled with great academic and career opportunities,” she remarked.

If Powers had to give any advice for Trinity students as she exits her undergraduate career, she would stress the importance of “making friends with the person sitting next to you in class, because you never know if they could become your best friend one day!”

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