Milk Craft Will Be Coming to West Hartford this Summer

Milk Craft
Looking for a Sweet Frog or Ben & Jerry’s alternative this summer? Well look no further, because Milkcraft is coming to the West Hartford Center this coming July!
Milkcraft is a creamery that freezes their ice cream in liquid nitrogen in order to maximize the creamy texture. According to their website, “Our goal has been to create ice cream from scratch and express out passion for artisanal flavors. It is very important for us to develop relationship with local farmers in pursuit of the purest all-natural ingredients.” Their website also notes that their ice cream is gluten free. By combining local ingredients with this special freezing technique, these natural dessert creations are just as tasty as they are picture-perfect.
Not only is Milkcraft ice cream unique, their cones are extraordinary. Modeled after Hong Kong waffle cones, Milkcraft’s “bubblecones” cones have an airy, bubbly texture that perfectly engulf the ice cream. In addition, their “cremeebuns” are a donut-like concoction used to hold the ice cream like an ice cream sandwich or cream puff. These ideas came from the owner’s personal travel experiences in places such as Italy and China.
Their menu consists of carefully crafted desserts such as “S’mores Campfire,” “Strawberry Balsamic,” “PB & J Roasted Banana” and more. One of their specialties, “Sea Salted Caramel,” features their velvety ice cream paired with caramel sauce, sea salt flakes and maple kettle corn in one of Milkcraft’s signature waffles. In addition to ice cream, the creamery also serves bubble tea.
Milkcraft’s original location is in Fairfield, Connecticut, but is adding another store to 967 Farmington Avenue in West Hartford, near bar taco and Arugula in July. The store will be replacing La Petite France, which recently closed. David Mainiero told the Hartford Courant that, “I think the West Hartford market is screaming for something all-natural, high-quality and different, as far as what we do with the ice cream.” Milk Craft will certainly provide something different for the dessert scene in West Hartford, as Sweet Frog has frozen yogurt and Ben & Jerry’s features a very different style of ice cream from that of Milkcraft. In addition to adding a new location, Milkcraft is allowing people to begin booking their “Milk Truck” to come and serve their ice cream at different events in the area, beginning in late March.
Get excited for Milkcraft’s arrival to West Hartford this summer by checking out their Instagram @milkcraftCT for pictures of their desserts.

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