Free Trin-Cyle Classes in Ferris Make Exercising Fun

Jenna Behan ‘19
Contributing Writer
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I just ate an extremely tasty soft sugar cookie from Mather. And before I finished that one, I had two more! Do you want to know why that’s ok? Because I went to Trin-Cycle this morning! It is an hour of non-stop calorie burning and I loved every second of it. The Thursday morning class starts promptly at 7:15am, but don’t let that deter you! You’re done with your workout for the day and don’t have to worry about it later in the afternoon. If only they put out soft sugar cookies for breakfast and you could run over to Mather as soon as the clock strikes 8:15. However, not everyone is a morning-person. Luckily there are classes offered at 7:00pm as well!
As far as what to expect, I don’t want to lie. It’s an hour, but Meg, one of the instructors, plays tunes that just scream Spotify Beast Mode. And trust me, you will feel like a beast. You’ll bike about 18 miles in distance, changing the gear level from flat road to steep hills, with the occasional 30 second sprint followed by a period of rest.
Mary Sullivan ’19 squeezes classes in between her busy Barre class schedule. “Personally I get very bored with cardio but Trin-Cycle is challenging and entertaining for the entire hour I’m there,” she says.
The class is high-energy intense, which is the perfect way to start off your day. There are definitely times when I need to slow down, or take a gear off, which is not a problem at all! Since the bikes are stationary, no one will ever know the difference.  Sometimes you’ll just have to take the gears all the way down and pedal as fast as you can.  Depending on the instructor, they may also incorporate some arm and ab exercises, which you do while you bike.
Rachel Brigham ’19, a Trin-Cycle regular, says, “I prefer taking classes rather than just going to the gym, so I’m so glad Trin-Cycle is an option here on campus. It’s a lot of fun.” It is an incredible workout, and trust me you’d be hard pressed to sweat as much by yourself as you do in the corner of that wrestling room with the instructor keeping you going. And it would be impossible to have it be as much fun alone!
I do have one warning: don’t mess around with getting the height of your seat right. Just take the time and make it perfectly comfortable. Please, for the sake of your entire bottom half the next day, do not ignore me. As a general rule of thumb, your leg should be almost straight when you’re at the lowest point of pedaling.
Barre, Yoga and Zumba are also offered to all students on a weekly basis. Although I have not yet had to chance to try anything but Trin-Cycle, I’m sure they’re just as fun and also incredible workouts.
To register for any of the classes, download a free app called REC IT Fitness, make an account and pick the class you want to attend. Make sure to pick the correct time and day, and to do so a few days in advance because they do fill up! Now I know all my talk of Mather cookies made your mouth absolutely water in craving for one, but after you’ve had your fill I hope to see you at the next class!

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