Faculty Welcome New Appointments for Academic Year

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Katie Cerulle ’22

Features Editor

This past Tuesday, the faculty met to welcome new members of the faculty to campus. The opening remarks of the meeting were to the same extent of many introductions students have been hearing this week; how unfortunate virtual interactions are but how grateful we are to have some sort of human contact.  

Heads of each department introduced newly tenured and visiting faculty. 

Professor of Anthropology Jim Trostle introduced Professor Amanda Guzman, who is a visiting fellow in both the Anthropology and American Studies departments. She has a PhD in American Studies from UC Berkeley and received her undergraduate degree from Harvard in Archaeology, with a minor in Latin American History and Spanish. 

Associate Professor of Classics Martha Risser appeared to introduce Visiting Assistant Professor Kelly Dugan. Professor Dugan completed her PhD from the University of Georgia in the spring of 2020, has MA’s from University of Georgia, Ohio State and University of Kansas, and received her BA from the University of Minnesota.    

Professor of Economics Carol Clark introduced two new assistant professors, Peter Bent and Chitra Jogani. Professor Bent is a macroeconomist who explores financial fragility from a historical perspective. He will be teaching a new class in the Economics department about reading and writing macroeconomics this fall. Professor Jogani joins both the Economics and International Studies departments. Her expertise lies at the intersection of development, political economy, and statistics with a strong interest in economic policy as applied to developing countries. Professor Jogani is also offering a new course during J-Term on Economics and big data. Her new course in the International Studies department is centered around global capitalism. 

Professor of Economic Innovation Edward Peter Stringham introduced Professor Signe Thomas who will be joining to teach Formal Organizations and Market Behavior. Professor of International Studies Seth Markle introduced Professor Natassja Gunasena, a visiting Assistant Professor from Dubai, but originally from Sri Lanka. She received her BA from Minnesota State University, her MA from the University of Texas at Austin and her PhD in African Studies at University of Texas at Austin. Associate Professor of Biology Lisa-Anne then introduced Dr. Benjamin Tuscano. He has been teaching at Trinity since 2018 and is on tenure track as of this fall. Professor of Language and Culture Studies Johannes Evelein introduced visiting Assistant Professor Carole Delaitre. She will be teaching a few language classes and some core content classes at Trinity this fall. 

Professor of Mathematics Paula Russo introducing Professor Matthew McCurdy, who received his PhD from Florida State University in the spring of 2020. He will be teaching calculus and numerical analysis. 

Professor Branning from the Physics department introduced Professor Austin Reid. Professor Reid is teaching the introductory physics courses in the fall. Professor of Political Science Stephanie Chambers introduced Professor Anna Terwell, Professor Hernan Flom, Professor Kevin Funk and Professor Pony Manento. Professor Terwell has been a visiting assistant professor since 2017, but has recently been put onto tenure track. Professor Hernan Flom, whose research lies in political science and Latin American Politics, earned his PhD from UC Berkeley and will teach courses in comparative politics. Professor Kevin Funk will be teaching courses focused on international relations and comparative politics. Professor Cory Manento, who received his PhD from Brown University in American Politics, will also begin his time at Trinity this fall. 

Professor of Psychology Dina Anselmi introduced two visiting assistant professors; Professor Alisa Holland and Professor Kelly Ferreira. Professor Holland is a long term lecturer in Psychology. At Trinity, she will be teaching Introduction to Psychology and become the Psychology 101 coordinator. Professor Kelly Ferriera is a visiting lecturer in psychology. She received her PhD from Catholic University. Professor Preston of Theatre and Dance introduced Professor Terrell Sledge and Professor Terri Incampo. Professor Sledge received his BA in liberal arts from Yale and his MFA in acting from Brown University. Professor Incampo received her bachelor’s from Trinity College, then her MA from Tufts in 2018. 

Professor of International Urban Studies Garth Meyers introduced Professor Laura Humm Delgado as this year’s Jeff Kelter Post-Doctoral Fellow. She will be teaching community development strategies this fall and in the American Cities Program next semester. 

Professor of Chemistry Tim Curran introduced Professor Michael Young. He received his PhD from the University of Chicago in the areas of  neurobiology, pharmacology and physiology. He will be teaching Introduction to Chemistry this semester as well as Neurochemistry for the Neuroscience department. 

Anselmi also introduced one of Professor Masino’s colleagues to the Neuroscience department—Professor Sally Seraphin. She will be teaching in the Neuroscience department as well as the Psychology department.  

Vice President of Finance Dan Hitchell introduced Michelle Cabral who has been appointed the permanent Assistant Vice President for Human Resources. Finally, Michelle Cabral also introduced Tapiwanashe Nhundu, who joined the College in the spring of 2020. She will be working in a recruiting and onboarding for the College’s administration.

The faculty will convene again on Tuesday, Sept. 15 to approve September degrees and hear an annual address on the state of academics from the Acting Dean of the Faculty Sonia Cardenas. 


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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