Delicious Traditional Chinese Food in the Hartford Area

I’ve been to Connecticut since my high school years, but I lived in a small town. Coming to Hartford makes me feel unfamiliar to the state again. The city is far more different than a small town: there are abundant parks and recreation areas for people to relax and hang out, there are many social facilities for people to entertain, and there are, doubtlessly, numerous restaurants for people to enjoy their weekends from exhausting works and burdens. One of the restaurants I want to talk about is Han restaurant, a traditional Chinese dining restaurant located in Hartford.
Entering a new and unfamiliar college life, I am excited about going around campus and interacting with both domestic people and foreign folks. Nonetheless, why can’t we experience the surrounding areas of Trinity college? Why can’t we wander around some broader distances apart from Trinity college? When roaming around the city of Hartford, I discovered an isolated but a decorative Chinese restaurant called Han. The first impression it gave me was the traditional odor and atmosphere of Chinese food—Hot pot. It is a dish consists of putting raw vegetables, meatballs, and different kinds of meat to a hot pot, and it is edible after the boiling. The ripen materials are ready in the dish, then the customers can enjoy their moments of satisfying their stomach by voraciously consuming their dinner (It is better to enjoy this in the evening). The restaurant is worthy going since it provides customers with many kinds of hot pot broths. Wisely selecting the proper flavors and ingredients is extremely essential for the essence of “swallowing” a delicious meal depends on the ingredients one chooses: peanut sauce, sesame paste, mashed garlic, and so on.
From that time on, I always go to Han restaurant with my friends. After several exhausting and fatiguing assignments and tests, we ought to reward ourselves a break from school days. Since I’ve come to Hartford, Han restaurant is always regarded as the best choice for me to “stretch out” myself and to hang out with friends. Although it is located in a fairly remote area, Han restaurant is a “paradise” of restaurant goers. Surprisingly, there are plenty of local American restaurant goers who are eager to grasp this advantage and opportunity from tiring working conditions to an atmosphere of vaporous boiling water and flavorous Chinese dishes. What impresses me the most is not only the delicious meals, but more of the happiness and felicity of my daily life because there is always a place where I can recall my life in China, a place where I can recollect my experience in hot pot restaurants in my homeland, and a place where I can immerse myself into the zone of friendship and relaxation from exhaustion.
When talking about which restaurant to go to after daily hard working and tiring condition, which diner to head to that can reunite with friends again to discuss their daily routine, and which “paradise” to stop by if one loses his or her way, Han restaurant is definitely the best destination to explore.

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