Counseling and Wellness Center Continues to Help Students with Remote Consultations and Support

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Kat Namon ’22

Managing Editor

According to an email sent to students on Thursday, Sept. 24, the College’s Counseling and Wellness Center will continue to provide remote help for students on a full-time basis throughout the fall 2020 semester. The operational guidelines of the Counseling and Wellness Center are available on Trinity’s website.

The email that was sent to the community was signed by all of the Center’s counselors, including Randy Lee, Kristine Kennen, Sarah Kopencey, Maryam Parvez,  Erica Ronald, T’Kai Howard, Saleha Chaudhry, Tami Tiburtino, Allie Riege, and Kate Morrell. The members of the center urged students to consider going to these figures for support, as the center stated that they “recognize the levels of anxiety and stress you may be experiencing as a result of the pandemic and other events occurring across our nation and in the world.” Members of the counseling center also clarified that those who offer consultations are available as “the needs of our campus community continue to evolve,” and that the office is “committed to remaining present and prepared to offer consultation, support, or just an ear to listen and a voice to share your distress, your anger, your fear, or your confusion about events in our world, our country, or our community.” 

Morrell, the office manager, still utilizes her office space in the building at this time and is available during regular business hours at the office’s main number (860-297-2415). Despite Morrell’s availability on campus, students are encouraged to make appointments over the phone. Although Morrell’s office will be equipped with Plexiglas protection, students will not be permitted to wait in the waiting area. For all students seeking consultation at the center, appointments will be executed in a virtual format, as they were last spring upon students being sent home. Students who live on campus are also given the option of physically going to the Counseling and Wellness Center to have these virtual meetings, in the event that they feel “there is not sufficient privacy in their room or other location to have their session.” This room has been given the name of the “Zoom Room,” and is sanitized and cleaned after every appointment. 

Students who do not live on campus, but reside in the State of Connecticut ,will be able to have access to the same services as those who live on campus, minus unhindered access to the “Zoom Room.” However, patients or students who live out of state will not be able to access the same sources because of licensing laws. The Counseling and Wellness Center will however “continue to monitor the circumstances that permit out-of-state professional services on a temporary basis” and that these regulations “change frequently, and it is virtually impossible for us to get temporarily licensed all states in which Trinity students may be located.”

Despite these obstacles in connecting off-campus Trinity students with helpful resources, the Counseling and Wellness Center assures students that the center will “work to locate a provider near their home.” 

The Center concluded the campus-wide email with a call for students to never feel any hesitation in reaching out for help, stating that, “right now, we need each other. We continue to be a strong and supportive community. We are all here for you.”

You can make an appointment at the Counseling and Wellness Center by contacting the office at (860)-297-2415. 


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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