Collegiate Democrats Club to Begin on Campus

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By: Gillian Reinhard ’20
Contributing Writer
With election season in full swing and the beginning of a new semester, a new chapter of the College Democrats of America has formed at Trinity. Due to the school’s location in the state capitol of Hartford, strong political science programs and opportunities, the club seems to be a perfect fit on campus. Hartford provides countless opportunities to get involved in the political realm. Inspired by the opportunities of Trinity, Nic O’Loughlin ’20 set out to create a Democratic club on campus, which received an immediate, positive response from freshmen and other students.
“We’ve had a great response so far, with 50 people in our Facebook group,” commented Nic O’Loughlin. As an active participant in his local politics, O’Loughlin constantly interacted with members of the College Democrats of America, and was surprised to see that Trinity did not have a chapter of its’ own. The national organization dates back to 1932 and claims over 100,000 members across the country.
Additionally, the College Democrats of America meets on a state-level with goals of promoting political discussion, ensuring voter registration and taking part in campaigns. The club works in a way to supplement political education and involvement at Trinity and in colleges across the United States. “We do have a unique opportunity in the next month and a half because the spotlight is on national elections,” said O’Loughlin. As the presidential election grows near, the club hopes to focus on voter registration as well as being better informed about the election through discussion and watching the upcoming debates. The 2016 election will take precedent for the club in its first semester on campus. As the year gets closer and closer to November, the club will undoubtedly receive attention and seems to be coming to Trinity at the perfect time.
After the election is over, O’Loughlin hopes to utilize Trinity’s location in Hartford to take politics to a more local level. “Trinity has the singular advantage of being the closest college to the Connecticut capitol,” he added. Due to its location, the club aims to invite local public officials for events, speeches or town hall discussions. At the Connecticut Capitol in particular, Trinity alumni are readily available, with several opportunities for internships and experience in politics. Additionally, Hartford offers an array of possibilities for delving into politics at the local level. The Trinity College Democrats club looks to be an exciting new opportunity for students wishing to get involved with politics on a local and national level.

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