A Spiritual Conversation with Cult Survivor Mami Onami

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Dylann Hanrahan ’25

Staff Writer

I first stumbled on Onami’s teachings from her TikTok “mami.onami” and was immediately hooked. I loved the way she spoke as if she’d been here before and did not have time for any nonsense. She was refreshing and matter of fact, which I appreciated in a time of oversaturated New Age teachings. She spoke of shame and why we feel it and how to rid yourself of repeating cycles. I read her books, her website, and her eBook of the chakras, Seven Locks, Seven Keys: a manual for removing core traumas

Born into the notorious doomsday cult The Children of God, Onami escaped physical, sexual, and psychological abuse at age thirteen. After she was excommunicated from the cult, Onami was left to navigate a new path which she shared was often filled with attempts to numb her pain. In 2015, she experienced a spiritually awakening traumatic death of a loved one which she credits with transforming her. Since starting her business, Onami has authored four books, earned a million dollars thus far in conducting spiritual workshops, and gained a following.

After my own exploration, I felt compelled to share some of Onami’s wisdom, with the help of Onami herself. I asked the spiritual teacher a few questions about sacred sexuality, misconceptions about the Age of Aquarius, and how we can harness the “erotic wealth” she talks about. 

On Onami’s website, mamionami.com, there is a tab titled Erotic Wealth. Upon first glance one reads, “How to…resurrect your marriage, smash your income plateau, and create a new life.”

I asked Onami to explain to us what “erotic wealth” means and how sexual energy can transform other aspects of our lives as well. Onami explained that the erotic is the drive, the force pulling you and your manifestations along your path as you put in the work to achieve your goals. This erotic force we often associate with sex can be channeled to transform other aspects of our lives as well. Onami shared, “The presence of desire is a healthy, motivating force for you that is here to help you do better, get more, to use your human powers.” She explains that if it wasn’t for desire and this drive for more, we wouldn’t have anything as “True desire can be applied to anything.” She refers to Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich on transmuting sexual desire by taking that urge/energy and transferring that to your goal. Onami explains, “…the same work that rejuvenates a marriage also rejuvenates a business. There is no force on Earth as potent or powerful as sexual energy, sexual magic.”

On another note, I asked Onami about the claims circulating about a mass collective awakening due to the Age of Aquarius. She responded, “I think that it’s always a time for mass collective awakening, where we are right now with it is like a blessing and a curse because we are in the Age of Information. The Age of Information can be considered the flood in the Bible, it’s a metaphorical thing, a washing out of everything that existed before and, in its place, a new consciousness.” She acknowledges that our consciousness is shifting as a collective, which also comes with resistance. “It’s the Age of Information, but nobody ever said it’s all going to be correct information and so when there is too much information and not enough truth—while acknowledging truth is subjective—you really need that phase to become discerning about what’s true for you and true for others.” This advice is extremely timely as our society is seemingly divided by political parties and ideologies. 

Onami does not shy away from sharing esoteric wisdom often hidden and kept away from the masses. Along with this, she emphasizes the importance of not skipping any steps in spiritual progression and warns of the dangers of doing so. She explains, “There’s no skipping the line, it takes a long time, but you don’t attract circumstances you’re not ready for. These shifts of consciousness require a complete internal and external shift.” She shared of shame about sex and feeling repressed due to trauma, “that shame has a gag order on you that won’t let you go.” She also explained that, when she was younger, she wished she knew that “just because people did things to me that were bad didn’t make me dirty.”

Onami speaks to her students on a personal level with the palpable presence of unconditional love, “I know what it’s like to hurt. I know what it’s like to feel cursed with the knowing that you want more, and are meant for more, and have no idea how you’ll get there.” If you’re hearing a lot about esoteric teachings, Onami explained that’s a sign you are ready. Onami focuses on self-inflicted initiation which means “never blaming someone else for your lack of progress.” Onami remains intensely compassionate even while trolling TikTok comments and maintains her boldness and no-nonsense attitude.

Onami hosts workshops that have the ability to transform your life, she shares, “When I escaped The Children of God cult, I thought my trauma was behind me, but it was only beginning. I had no idea that until you go to the root of your pain cycle and uproot it and replace it with something helpful that you will suffer in the same patterns until you go back and change it.”

Onami’s website is mamionami.com and her TikTok is @mami.onami.

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