Discover the Benefits of Hempvana Pain Relief Cream

Hempvana is the leading company providing hemp-enhanced products that help individuals accomplish their health and wellness goals. With a wide catalog of powerful products aimed at helping you improve your health journey, Hempvana has helped thousands of customers across the country. Hempvana has something for everyone, from pain relief pens to hand sanitizer.

One of the most incredible products that Hempvana offers is its signature pain relief cream. Hempvana Pain Relief Cream Reviews speak for themselves when it comes to how impactful this incredible product can be in improving your day-to-day experience. But what is Hempvana pain relief cream, and why should you want it in your life?

What Are Hemp Enhanced Products?

Before jumping into the benefits of Hempvana’s incredible pain relief cream and the many benefits it has, it’s good to understand what hemp is and how a hemp-enhanced product can benefit you. Hemp is part of the cannabis family of plants and is known for its industrial qualities. This incredible plant has been used for centuries for its durable structure in making reliable, clean, organic materials like fabrics and ropes.

Hemp seed oil is extracted specifically from the seeds of hemp plants, making it different from CBD, which is extracted from the stalks and leaves. Probably some of the biggest questions surrounding hemp seed oil and hemp enhanced products are its relationship to another popular cannabis plant famous for its psychedelic effects, Marijuana.

The curiosity between hemp and marijuana and their relationship is natural, and due to the controversial role marijuana has played in the United States, it needs to be understood. Marijuana has been used throughout time medicinally and recreationally for its specific psychedelic effects of a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short.

THC is a natural psychedelic that interacts with natural cannabinoid receptors in the human mind. These effects are commonly known as ‘being high’, and while marijuana has powerful medicinal benefits, it has also been used recreationally.

Can Hemp Get You High?

If you are looking at a product, such as Hempvana’s pain relief cream, then a very natural question you may have is – can this product get me high? The answer, in short, is no. Hemp differentiates itself from its cousin marijuana by having little to no appreciable amounts of THC in its chemical makeup.

This makes hemp products safe to use and completely free of any psychedelic effects associated with the cannabis family.

So What is So Special About Hempvana Pain Relief Cream

A product that has been enhanced by hemp, like Hempvana’s pain relief cream, still has incredible benefits when it comes to pain relief. However, it doesn’t pull from Hemp for these effects.

Instead, this potent pain relief cream uses trolamine salicylate as the active ingredient that targets inflammation and brings soothing action to problem areas. This active ingredient is in the same family as aspirin or other NSAIDs and has the powerful ability to penetrate the skin and target stress areas.

The benefit that comes from hemp is in the topical application. Hemp seed oil houses natural soothing characteristics that help to nourish skin and enhance absorption and moisturization. Combining the power of hemp seed oil with the soothing properties of trolamine salicylate means that when you apply Hempvana pain relief cream, it penetrates deeper and works faster.

Who is Hempvana’s Pain Relief Cream For?

The best part about using any of Hempvana’s hemp-enhanced products is that they can help people at any point in their health journey. That means that if you’re an avid health enthusiast training for your first Iron Man and you need a daily anti-inflammatory or learn how to cope with the chronic pain of arthritis, this pain relief cream is for you!

What’s more, it’s easy and convenient to take with you on the go. Each 4-ounce canister can be stored in your purse, glove compartment, or backpack for on-the-go pain relief when you need it.

This cream can help target injuries like sprains and strains and help to reduce discomfort and soothe the pain. So no more do you have to succumb to pesky arthritic pain that can threaten to shut down normal functions of your day or even generalized muscle soreness from that heavy workout. With Hempvana’s pain relief cream, you can have healthy, organic, safe, hemp enhanced pain relief that can genuinely help you on your health and wellness journey!