Discover How to Incorporate Zinc into Your Routine

If you are looking for a way to enhance your overall health and wellbeing, then look no further than vitamins and minerals.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is by ensuring our body gets enough natural nutrients to function correctly. There are plenty of different vitamins and minerals to focus on, but according to, zinc is probably one of the most essential.

It is pretty topical at the moment too. Studies suggest zinc could help us recover and stay protected against Covid-19. But zinc is not just good for that. It can help us with a range of other things, from immune strength to vision.

Benefits of Zinc

1. Optimize Our Immunity

Our immune system is one of the most critical factors in staying healthy and fighting viruses and diseases. Studies have found that while vitamin C can help us stay healthy, zinc can enhance our immune system’s strength. Some studies suggest that it can even help people remain protected against cancer.

2. Fight Off the Cold

Like how it helps us recover from Covid-19, zinc can help ensure that we recover from our cold quickly and that it does not spiral out of control. There is nothing worse than having a lingering cough for days on end. And zinc can help speed up the recovery so that you can get back to not coughing anymore.

3. Makes Your Skin Look Great

Another benefit to zinc is that it can help your skin look great and heal and gashes, scars, or wounds. This is because zinc can help the blood clot faster so that the skin has time to heal itself. Doctors often use zinc to help patients who have undergone surgery or are recovering from burns and severe wounds.

4. Helps You Smell Better

The gift of being able to smell is a fantastic sense. So there is nothing worse than when our smell becomes impaired due to being deficient in zinc, and we can no longer enjoy the scents of candles, roses, or our home baking.

5. Enhances Your EyeSight

Similar to the sense of smell, the sense of sight is equally a gift e should never take for granted. But most of us experience some sight deterioration over time. However, you can help recover some of your vision loss and prevent complete degeneration with enough zinc.

How to Get Enough Zinc

With so many benefits from zinc, you will want to ensure you are getting your daily quota. To provide you can meet this goal and maintain optimal health, we have listed the best ways to ensure you get enough zinc into your daily diet—noting first you should consult your doctor or nutritionist to formulate a personal plan that is best for you.

1. Health Supplements

Sometimes we simply can not get enough zinc through diet alone. Taking a daily health supplement of zinc can act as insurance. This is especially helpful for those needing to follow specific diets where certain foods rich in zinc are not accessible to them.

2. Meat is King

Meat has one of the best natural sources of zinc.  So you want to eat meat in moderation and not eat processed meat. It is recommended to have around 100 grams of meat per day.

3. Shellfish for a Daily Dose

If you love seafood, then shellfish can easily give you your daily dose of zinc needs. Foods like oysters and crab have low calories but high amounts of zinc. But make sure your shellfish is fully cooked and that you do not overeat it.

4. Eat those Legumes

If you are more vegetarian or vegan, legumes will be your go-to for that daily dose of zinc. Foods like chickpeas and lentils have both a lot of zinc and protein. But the best way to ensure your body benefits from their nutrition is by heating, soaking, or fermenting before eating.

With so many benefits of zinc and so many ways to get your daily quota, you will be able to optimize your health through this powerful essential nutrient.