The Definitive Top Ten Red and Green Flags at Trinity College

Top Ten Red Flags

  1. Orders a smoothie EVERY DAY at Mather
  2. Can’t Drive
  3. “Inflation” is a part of his vocabulary
  4. Uses “summer” as a verb
  5. Only communicates with you on Snapchat
  6. Walks JBS’ Dog
  7. Owns any The Wolf of Wall Street paraphernalia
  8. If you’re fully convinced he is not like other guys
  9. Failed Q Lit
  10. Breathes

Top Ten Green Flags

  1. Doesn’t go to Trinity College
  2. Has never been on Tony’s Insta story (btw, has anyone checked on him lately?)
  3. Doesn’t use YikYak
  4. Snapscore is in the 100s
  5. Doesn’t talk about their ex
  6. Knows who Janet Yellen is
  7. Texts you when it’s daylight
  8. Has never asked what your dad does
  9. Actively shows up to their 9 a.m.
  10. Reads The Tripod

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