Songs for Rainy Days

Caroline Richards ’22

Arts Editor

Rain, like music, has many expressions, themes, and connotations. Happy rain, romantic rain, sad rain, everything’s-terrible rain (also known as depression rain), angsty or storming rain (may feature thunder and lightning). And because I like to listen to music at all times and as I carry out all my many tasks in this life, I have a rain playlist. Here are some of my favorite songs from that playlist in all their varying genres/forms. I hope you connect with some. 

If Love Is The Drug by The Brian Jonestown Massacre; Stormy rain. Fun fact, in an interview on set for one of their movies almost the entire Harry Potter cast said their favorite band was The Brian Jonestown Massacre… Heed their good opinion. This entire album is worth listening to. Especially when it’s raining.  

From The Morning by Nick Drake; Happy rain, warm-coffee-croissant-in-hand rain. Nick Drake thinks life is simple but shouldn’t be thought about simply. A lyrical Rilke? Don’t quote me on that. 

For You Too by Yo La Tengo; From their most recent album which I thoroughly enjoyed, There’s A Riot Going On. Can Yo La Tengo do any wrong? In my humble opinion, no. The Patron Saints of Rainy Days.  

Peggy-O by Grateful Dead (Live at Palladium, New York 4/30/77); My mom’s favorite Dead song and therefore has a special place in my heart. I have devoted many a rainy hour to this dreamy tune. Romantic-rain, does-true-love-exist rain. Slow, and thoughtful. I like this version from ‘77 the best but it has many other wonderful forms you should explore.  

House of Cards by Radiohead; My favorite song off their 2007 album In Rainbows. Rhythmic embodiment of rain: will wash away all your troubles, will encourage deep self-reflection, will help you break down your potentially damaging ego.  

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