Review of Adele’s dramatic comeback song: “Hello”

It’s nearing 2016, and Adele is back at it—crushing the music industry. After her internationally successful album “21” came out in 2011, Adele considered leaving her musical career and went on hiatus to raise her son. Nevertheless, she has returned on Nov. 20, encompassing a wiser perspective on life and an even more beautiful sound with her new heart-shattering album, “25.” Fans have become absolutely infatuated with the hit single off of “25,” with the most simple, yet meaningful title: “Hello.”
As soon as “Hello” was released, it broke the record of most Vevo views in 24 hours, by reaching over 27.7 million views—surpassing even Taylor Swift’s previous record of 20.1 million views for “Bad Blood.” “Hello” opens with a piano introduction, as Adele softly sings “Hello / It’s me.” This very underwhelming and quiet beginning leads to a chilling verse with regret-filled lyrics, pulling at the heartstrings of many. Later in the verse, Adele gently sings, “They say that time’s supposed to heal ya / But I ain’t done much healing,” addressing what might be a past relationship and the seemingly ill-fate of it.
Once the first verse comes to a close, the chorus comes into full action. The popular song is a soul piano ballad in F minor, with Adele hitting astonishingly high notes, per usual. In the chorus, “Hello” encompasses a field of power and bravery, while also keeping in touch with Adele’s vulnerable side: “Hello from the other side / I must have called a thousand times / To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done.” Adele is honest and bold—she steps up and admits her wrongdoings, while she tries to reach out to whomever she affected. Here, she produces a loud, passionate sound that almost takes the audience on a roller coaster ride as the crescendo proceeds.
The lyrics carefully focus on nostalgia and guilt—yet they still show Adele’s newfound maturity regarding the past. In the most recent issue of “Rolling Stone,” Adele notes that “the other side” that she refers to in her lyrics means “the other side of becoming an adult, making it out alive from your late teens, early twenties.” In other interviews, she has expressed the idea that “Hello” is not solely directed at one person, but instead everyone important in her life with whom lately she has not shared strong communication. It is a genuine act of apology—Adele acknowledges that she has not kept in contact with those who she cares about most, as it is inevitable that humans get preoccupied at times.
The finale of “Hello” explodes with background singers who successfully help Adele carry out the raw emotion that she achieves in most of her songs. The song is a bit repetitive, but it works. Each time, the chorus becomes more and more powerful. It is a song that most everyone can understand and relate to, with no complex lyrics or hidden messages. “Hello” narrates Adele’s journey of acceptance with how things have changed and how, like all things in life, she will move onward.

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