Kid Koala Review: “Music to Draw to Event” and Concert

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On Feb. 11, students and faculty alike were treated to the ambient spinning talents of Eric San. San, better known as “Kid Koala,” has been lauded for producing albums by Del the Funky Homosapien and Gorillaz, but Saturday, he created music for an entirely new clientele: the Trinity College student body.
Early in the day, Koala hosted a more interactive workshop known as the “satellite concert.” Throughout the performance, attendants turn their own tables, cued by changing colors. Described as an “ambient vinyl orchestra,” the satellite con- cert proved very successful.
Abigail McNulty ’20 attended the workshop as part of the curriculum for the First-Year InterArts Seminar. “In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” she said, “but as he started his records and we all got to participate, I found myself smiling through the whole show. I had never been to a concert like this but it was definitely something everyone should see.”
Francisco Chang ’19 was also in attendance. “It was an unforgettable experience and I am glad that I attended the concert,” he said. “Kid Koala created an interesting concept album and combined it with multi-media to create a ‘trippy’ and unique experience.”
During the nighttime “Music to Draw To” Workshop, concert attendants read books and worked on their weekend homework, all while Kid Koala played tranquil, mood-fitting tracks in the back. At this performance, in particular, viewers weren’t supposed to be as conscious of the artist himself as much as his music. The melodic spinning is definitely conducive to writing and reading, and is slightly reminiscent of albums made intentionally for study music.
Koala’s recent album, “Music to Draw To,” is perfect to listen to while writing a paper, finishing a problem set, or any oth- er scholarly activity. The opening track, “The Observable Universe,” sounds very similar to a “sounds of the rain forest” CD, and that seems to have been Koala’s intention. Oftentimes, when listening to music while doing work, students grow distracted by lyrics and can’t concentrate. Koala’s music circumvents that feeling, and creates the perfect soundtrack to accompany studying.
So, in the future, when in need of music to study by, “Music to Draw To” is the perfect option!

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