Disintegration Loops Part III to be Performed in AAC

Trinity’s Professor Mitchell Polin is the mind behind the upcoming premiere of “Disintegration Loops part III”, which will be performed at Austin Arts Center Mar. 2, 3, and 4. It is an unconventional piece of theater that plans to tackle large and thought-provoking ideas through the device of time-travel. An online header describes the play as “the journey of a collective of people trapped in a scientific experiment to reshape history. They work to reenact past moments of catastrophe and joy in a desperate attempt to capture time, regain lives, and create a future full of hope and love.”
In an Interview with the Tripod, The show’s assistant director Lauren Wiener ’18 discussed how “Disintegration Loops” has taken shape over time. “Mitch has been my advisor since Freshman year,” says Wiener. “And I have a background in writing and directing. So here I am.” A recent veteran of the famous Trinity/La MaMa program in New York City, Wiener feels her skill set will only improve with more experience.
“It’s definitely different,” Wiener says of the play. “For Friday and Saturday, we’re having back-to-back shows. They repeat in a loop, so while there’s time in between shows, the actors are always on.” She goes on to discuss the closeness of the cast to the material they’re working with. Wiener and Polin worked together to plot the show after the cast had already been selected. For that reason, it is very closely tied to this particular group of actors. They were even encouraged through the rehearsal experience to behave in a way consistent with their own personalities.
“Loops” also draws directly from beloved popular culture touchstones of recent decades. The show is said to draw on movies and shared cultural memories that have something to offer everyone, and which embody some of the real acting challenges of the performance. Though the references remain secret, they will be clear when they appear in the show.
“Mitch’s Writing is very beautiful,” continues Wiener, reminiscently. “It has a magical feel to it. There are parts that will feel relevant, but it’s a magical world. It’s separate from our own.” Wiener says that she feels the most important thing going into “Disintegration Loops” is the freedom to let your imagination be absorbed into the performance. The final installment of Polin’s Triptych has been shrouded in secrecy since work began on the production, but the time-travel secrets of “Disintegration Loops” will be revealed This coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Tickets are free.
The show will feature performances from actors from each level of Trinity’s student body. The cast consists of Allen Rios ‘17, Molly Moriarty ‘17, Kailey Carpenter ‘17, Milosz Kowal ‘18, Will Kurach ‘18, Brian Cieplicki ‘19, Diana Rose Smith ‘19, Alex Steel ‘19, Sarah Kryspin ‘20
Caitlin Southwick ‘20, Elisabed Gedevanishvili ‘20 and will be stage-managed by Hayden Mueller ‘19, and Sarah Vazquez ‘19.

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