Alumni and Students-Get Involved with the Tripod!

Interested in Joining the Staff of the Tripod?

All undergraduate and graduate students at Trinity College are welcome and encouraged to become involved with the Tripod. No prior journalism experience is required. Undergraduates may hold staff positions and stand for election to the roles of Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor, which occur at the conclusion of each semester (in December and May).

Students who write three or more articles consecutively in a semester will become staff writers. Under exceptional circumstances, the Tripod may appoint a student to the position of staff writer if they write regularly throughout the semester but not consecutively. Staff writers also appear on the Tripod‘s masthead.

Students can stand for editor positions after they have written for the Tripod for one semester. Editors for each section are selected in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief, the Managing Editor, and the current section editors.

If you are interested in journalistic writing or in the affairs of Trinity College, the Tripod is the place for you! If you want to make a difference in the campus community, this is also the place for you! If you are interested in design or becoming proficient with Adobe tools, then the Tripod can assist you in that regard, too. If you would like to participate as a photographer or be involved with website design, the Tripod also has opportunities in these departments.

You can contact for more information or you can also fill out our application and a member of our staff will be in touch. We welcome writers for all sections at any time!

Opportunities are also available for those with an interest in business and managing the financial affairs of a news organizations. If you are interested in becoming involved as a Business Manager with the Tripod, please contact

Students Submitted Articles

Any undergraduate or graduate student may submit an article to the Tripod. Please note that submission does not guarantee publication and if the Tripod has concerns about the content or subject of your submission, an editor may be in touch to discuss your submission further.

You can upload your article for consideration here or send an email directly to

Alumni/Alumnae Submitted Articles

Alumni and alumnae can also participate in the Tripod and campus dialogue by submitting an opinion article or letter to the editor using this form or by contacting the Tripod at

Additionally, news tips for stories from alumni/alumnae may be submitted here. Please also refer to our guidance on the submission of news tips and story ideas here.

Print Subscriptions of the Tripod

The Tripod values the feedback and involvement of Trinity’s vast alumni/alumnae network, both old and new. Alumni who would like to follow the Tripod can use our online website as a resource free of charge. A print subscription for physical copies of the paper, sent via first-class mail, is also available at the following rates:

  • $10.00 Per Semester (Fall or Spring) 
  • $20.00 Per Academic Year (Fall and Spring) 

If you are interested in subscribing to our print subscription service or have questions about delivery, please email us directly at Business checks for subscriptions should be made payable to the Trinity Tripod and cash will not be accepted.

The Tripod is also pleased to offer emeritus and emerita faculty a complementary print subscription. Requests for those subscriptions can also be directed to Your issues can be delivered to your on-campus office mailbox (if retained) or to your home address.