6 Reasons You Need Lingerie and Why You Will Love It

6 Reasons You Need Lingerie and Why You Will Love It

It’s time to fall in love with your body. Your body does so much for you. It takes you from point A to point B, helps you conquer your workouts, and lets you feel pleasure. Lingerie allows you to celebrate your body.

Lingerie is more personal, private, special, and secretive than a beautiful dress or your favorite power suit. It’s something only you and maybe your partner will see. Yet, it can help empower you to feel like the goddess you are.

These six reasons will prove you need to add some lingerie to your closet and that you’ll love every lacey inch.

1.   Lingerie is an Act of Self Expression

We get dressed every day to go to work, run errands, or hit the gym. However, these outfits only reflect part of ourselves, the part we show to the world. What about the private part? Our true selves deserve their moment too.

A doctor who wears scrubs all day doesn’t stay that version of herself when she gets home. A sexy babydoll nightgown can bring out your romantic, feminine side. Love to be in control? A bold bustier with some garters and heels can let your inner dominatrix fly free.

We don’t have to conform to societal norms when we wear lingerie. We wear lingerie only for ourselves and our most intimate partners. Take the opportunity for self-expression. Reveal the elements of yourself you may keep hidden while at work or PTA meetings. In lingerie, you can be free. 

2.   You Deserve to Treat Yourself

Getting through life is a lot of work. Slowing down and treating yourself to things that bring you joy is essential. Buying lingerie can be an act of self-care. Intimate apparel is something that is deeply personal. Indulge in what makes you feel beautiful.

You don’t need to have a romantic partner to invest in some lacey new undergarments. Single women are just as worthy of celebrating their bodies. Celebrate yourself. You deserve it.

Even if you do have a partner, think of yourself first. You are treating yourself – not your partner. If they get excited by it, and you have a fun night, that’s just a bonus. The real purpose is buying something beautiful for yourself meant only for you to enjoy.

3.   Increase Your Confidence

A new teddy or lace bralette and panty set allows you to celebrate your body. As women, we spend so much time comparing ourselves to the models we see in magazines, on television, and our Instagram feed.

Lingerie looks good on every body: curvy, skinny, A-cup or FF, you can find something that makes you feel hot as hell. Experiment with different cuts and styles to feel what feels best on your body and honor all your curves.

Have a fashion show in your mirror. Let loose. Snap a few polaroids, just for you. Then when you’re old and gray, you can look back and see what a bombshell you were. When the right set helps you feel more in your body, take that energy beyond the bedroom.

Wear a subtle yet sexy set under your clothes on a stressful day to give yourself a confidence boost. Your boss may not know it’s there, but everyone will notice you carry yourself taller.

4.   Find Power in Your Sexuality

Lingerie allows you to become the present your partner can unwrap. Choosing a set that makes you feel the most yourself can even increase your level of intimacy. A new outfit could help shake things up in the bedroom and get you and your partner out of your comfort zone.

Even if you are single, shopping for lingerie helps you take control of your sexuality. Choosing new pieces will help strengthen the relationship you have with your body. Empowering yourself as a sexual being will help attract the lover you’ve been waiting for.

5.   Lingerie is Feminist

Whether you choose lingerie for yourself or with a partner in mind celebrating your body with beautiful garments is an act of feminism. Corsets, bustiers, lace bras, fishnets, and garters represent our femininity. They allow us to feel empowered in our womanhood.

Luckily, the lingerie industry has begun moving away from the branding campaigns of the 90s and 2000s that focused on only one body type. Size inclusivity allows any woman to imagine herself wearing these stunning pieces. Lingerie reminds us every body is beautiful, and every woman deserves to feel at peace and empowered in her body. 

6.   Play Dress Up

Remember when you were a little girl and couldn’t wait to pick out an outfit from your dress-up trunk? You could be a fairy princess, pirate, mermaid, or witch. Lingerie gives you that same feeling as an adult.

Some days you may want to be coy in a romantic lace negligee. Some nights you may want to wear leather and take control. Your lingerie drawer can become your adult dress-up trunk. You can pull out pieces daily that can become the lacey armor you need to be your most authentic self.