5 Popular Necklaces For Men

5 Popular Necklaces For Men

Women aren’t the only ones who get to appreciate jewelry; men’s jewelry has recently been growing in popularity, especially men’s necklaces. The right necklace can add so much to any man’s outfit, whether that’s pairing a Cuban chain necklace with a dark navy suit or wearing a dog tag necklace with your everyday jeans and t-shirt outfit. The question that we’re here to answer today is “What are the most popular necklaces for men?” We’re going to give you five answers to this question. By investing in any one (or all) of these necklaces, you’ll be showing the world how great your taste in jewelry is in no time at all, so keep on reading to see what the most popular necklaces for men are and how to wear them.

1. Cuban Chain Necklace

First and foremost, we have the classic Cuban chain necklace. You can never go wrong with this type of necklace. Gold or silver, chunky or thin – you get to pick what you want your Cuban chain necklace to look like. There are many different options for length and size, so if you want a more subtle necklace, you can go with a chain that has thinner links, or if you want a bold accessory to complement your outfits, there are thick Cuban chains out there as well. Cuban chain necklaces are quickly becoming the next jewelry staple in every man’s closet. They’re simple, classy, and can tie any outfit together seamlessly. Next time you feel like your outfit is missing that finishing touch, try putting on a Cuban chain necklace and see what a big difference a simple chain can make.

2. Pendant Necklace

Another popular necklace for men is the pendant necklace. This is your classic thin chain necklace with a single pendant attached. Pendant necklaces are especially customizable because you can get one with whatever type of pendant you’d like. Maybe you want the pendant to be a miniature padlock, or maybe you’d prefer an angel wing, like the pendant pictured. You have complete freedom to choose a pendant that you like, whether that means you get one based on its personal meaning to you or just based on how it matches with your personal fashion style. Combining style and meaning, pendant necklaces are always a good choice.

3. Dog Tag Necklace

Thirdly, we have dog tag necklaces. This type of necklace is very similar to pendant necklaces except the pendant is in the shape of – you guessed it – a dog tag. While the thought of wearing a dog tag might be off-putting, these necklaces are extremely popular right now. The vast majority of manufacturers offer personalization of the dog tags, meaning that you can add your own text to the dog tag if you’d like. For example, you can have a meaningful quote or your wedding date engraved onto the tag, symbolizing how close the engraving is to your heart. Dog tag necklaces are not a passing trend; they’re here to stay, so get one to add to your necklace collection.

4. Tennis Chain

This list of popular necklaces would be remiss without mentioning tennis chains. In the world of men’s necklaces, the tennis chain is the definition of bling. Studded with crystals or diamonds (depending on your budget and style), tennis chain necklaces should only be worn when you want to make a statement. Although this type of necklace is definitely popular, you can’t just throw it on with any outfit. Wearing a tennis chain necklace is an entire event in and of itself; you have to plan your outfit around the tennis chain and only bring it out for special occasions. If you wear the tennis chain too often, it’ll quickly become too dull and won’t have the same “wow” factor it would if you only wore it on specific occasions. If you want a necklace that makes a bold statement, definitely look into getting a tennis chain.

5. Beaded Choker

Last but certainly not least is the beaded choker. This necklace is the polar opposite of the tennis chain; beaded chokers are casual and can be worn to dress an outfit down. They have a youthful look and typically consist of colorful beads. While giving off a playful vibe, beaded chokers are also great at adding a pop of color to an outfit. If you wear a lot of neutral colors and are looking for a touch of something out-of-the-box, then the beaded choker is perfect for you.


In summary, here are the five most popular necklaces for men:

  1. Cuban chain necklace
  2. Pendant necklace
  3. Dog tag necklace
  4. Tennis chain
  5. Beaded choker

We hope this article has inspired you to branch out of your comfort zone and try adding necklaces to your wardrobe. You’ll be surprised at how much a simple necklace can add to your style, so before you buy any other clothing item or accessory, add one of these necklaces to your cart. You won’t regret it.