4 Ways to Use Hempvana at Home

4 Ways to Use Hempvana at Home

Chronic pain is an unfortunate reality for many of the adult population. Whether it’s fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, or other various injuries from athletics or day-to-day life, chronic pain can drastically change how you live. With prescription pain killers coming with their own set of drawbacks and uncertainties, people who suffer from chronic pain have sought alternatives for ages. The cannabis plant has been long revered as an alternative (albeit controversial) option to treat or ease the symptoms of various conditions far beyond the scope of just chronic pain. However, many people don’t have a well-rounded understanding of the different components of the cannabis plant and what each part does. So before we get into the ways you can use Hempvana, let’s first understand which parts of the cannabis plant are involved in their products.

What is in Hempvana?

You have most likely heard of THC and CBD. These are just two small elements of the cannabis plant but are the most popular components. THC is the part of the plant that will get you high and is known for its psychoactive effects. When used medically, it can help ease depression, appetite loss, and insomnia symptoms. On the other hand, CBD has none of the psychoactive components that THC has. CBD gained much of its traction in the medical community when it was approved to be used for people with epilepsy. Many CBD products on the market can be used topically and are marketed toward pain relief.

Hempvana, on the other hand, does not use either of these components and instead uses oils derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant. The cannabis Sativa seeds are believed to help block nerve transmissions that cause stiffness, pain, and swelling. Hempvana uses the Sativa seed oils in a cream that the user will apply topically to the areas experiencing pain. Hempvana’s most popular product is their standard Hemp Pain Relief Cream. Anyone with chronic pain can benefit from this product, and the Hempvana pain relief cream reviews speak for themselves. However, they also have various great products that target specific issues for your unique ailments.

Ways to Use Hempvana

1. For Arthritis: If you have arthritis, Hempvana has products specifically designed to target pain stemming from this condition. If you have trouble moving your hands due to swelling or shooting pain, you will want to check out Hempvana’s Arthritis Cream. This product is specifically designed to target the source of your pain so you can experience an increased range of motion and less stiffness in your joints. It is also fast-absorbing to apply it directly to your hands without it feeling greasy or slippery.

2. For Leg Cramps: If leg cramps are making your life harder, you need to try out Cramp Calm. Cramp Calm is Hempvana’s product that targets leg cramping and spasming. While standard pain relief methods cannot target your legs specifically, Cramp Calm can. If your leg pain keeps you up at night, this fast-acting product will help you regain a whole night’s rest. Leg pain is a not-so-fun symptom of various conditions, such as fibromyalgia, so it is essential to have a solution at the ready should the pain creep in.

3. For Back Pain: Most adults over the age of 25 are no stranger to back pain. Our spines are delicate and easy to damage. Whether you are sitting at a desk for work all day, doing the repetitive heavy lifting, or if you’ve been in a car accident, back pain is always waiting for an excuse to make an appearance. When it comes to easing back pain, we like to use two products in conjunction. We first like to use the Hemp Pain Relief Cream to target the parts of the back that are experiencing the most pain. Then we use the Arrow Posture brace throughout the day to prevent further damage. Hempvana has bundled these two products together as they are a dynamic duo for easing back pain.

4. Heat or Ice Therapy: If you are experiencing muscle pain, you’ll love Hempvana’s take on IcyHot. Their Cold As Ice Gel has the same cooling effects as this infamous product but with the added benefit of hemp seed oil. This product will help ease the pain of any sprains, strains, or bruising and soothe joint pain when you experience inflammation.

Ease Your Pain with Hempvana

If you are ready to take your life back, you are ready for Hempvana. Try their Hemp Pain Cream to target general pain or products for specific ailments. If you haven’t used hemp topically, you are missing out! Try a hemp cream today!