3 of the Best Billboard Ads Created to Inspire

3 of the Best Billboard Ads Created to Inspire

Advertising is a forever changing industry. Methods of advertising that were once popular are now obsolete. Most people are resistant to being shown ads and have figured out ways to avoid seeing them. For example, online streaming services have killed off the standard methods of advertising via TV commercials. And ad blockers exist to limit the number of popups and side ads we see on webpages. One method of advertising that has stood the test of time is the classic billboard.

Billboard Displays

The standard method of billboard advertising remains one of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your brand. They are unobtrusive and cannot be blocked by ad blockers. And people are a lot more receptive to advertising that is unobtrusive. Think about all the times when you are watching your favorite show or YouTube creator just to have your content interrupted by a loud and invasive ad. This tends to frustrate the viewer and can cause them to walk away from the ad break all together, taking in none of the message. Not to mention you will also be paying each time your ad is shown, even if no one is there to see it.

The difference with billboard advertising is that your audience feels like they have more of a choice in viewing the ad. If they are walking down the street, or stuck in traffic during their commute, their eyes are free to wander. If you produce a truly inspiring and creative display, you can win your audience over and help them create a connection to your product or service.

So what do some of the best billboard ads have in common? They are truly created to inspire the viewer. Here are a few things that some of the best ads are doing to help grow their business.

1.      Bold Displays:

The most successful billboard ads follow a few key design tricks. These tips will help to draw the eye to the most crucial information on the billboard and help the viewer retain that information. The first tip is to not overwhelm your display with text. People only have so much time to view your ad when passing by so don’t make it complicated for them to take in your message. Your company name, phone number, address, website, or social media accounts are all good things to put on your ad depending on where you want to draw your audience to. Don’t forget to use contrasting colors as they are important in making sure your viewer can actually read your message.

2.      Digital Billboards:

A digital billboard is the next step up from the standard billboard ad. It utilizes a digital screen to display a rotation of different ads. This can help cut down on cost as you will be sharing the space. If sharing a billboard doesn’t sound appealing to you, statistics show that they draw the eye far better than a static ad. According to a poll, 71% of people who viewed a digital ad felt it stood out to them more than a standard ad and 55% of people remembered the message that was displayed long after seeing it. So even though you are sharing the billboard, the changing display helps get more eyes on your message. Another thing we like about digital ads is their ability to be updated in real time. For example, the LA Dodgers used a digital display to showcase a countdown until their baseball season started to encourage ticket sales. Seeing as how the countdown was updated each day, it had a high success rate with people who commuted past the ad daily.

3.      Dimension:

Some of the most iconic billboards are remembered for the way they were incorporated into the environment in which they are displayed. One of the most memorable ads was an Austrian chain of restaurants that used a tunnel to build their ad around. The massive display featured a woman’s face with a cutout in the mouth area which the cars would use to enter the tunnel. Feeling like your car is being eaten up by a massive billboard woman was something that drivers and the internet will never forget. Adding real dimension to your ad will not only make it memorable but will increase the likelihood that your ad will go viral on social media. If people like your ad so much that they post it online, you will unlock an infinite amount of free advertising. Even adding something as simple as texture, cutouts, or three-dimensional props to your display will make your billboard stand out from the rest.

Billboard advertising will always remain one of the most popular ways to reach an audience. With just the right amount of design and flair, your billboard could be the key to growing your brand on a large scale.